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XII--Course Descriptions


Department of Pathology

Additional course listings may be found in the course descriptions for Veterinary Medicine.

73-260 Introduction to Laboratory Animal Care and Management F(2-2)

Significance of various animals in research, their housing, environmental requirements, handling and nutritional requirements. Animal care legislation, disease recognition and control.

Prerequisites: 1 course credit in biology.

73-352 General Pathology F(2-3)

Principles of disease processes are taught including degeneration, vascular disturbances, inflammation, necrosis, healing and neoplasia. Examinations are made of fresh and fixed tissues and of tissue slides representing these disease processes. The structural and functional consequences of these processes are discussed with particular emphasis on the kidney as a model system.

Prerequisites: 07-313.

73-356 Veterinary Parasitology F(3-2)

This course describes the important parasitic diseases of domestic and companion animals including birds, caused by arthropods, protozoa and helminths and covers the development, transmission, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of the various agents.

Prerequisites: 07-313.

73-360 Principles of Disease W(3-2)

A course designed for students with particular interests in nutrition and biology. The course presents basic concepts of disease in the cells, tissues, organs and fluids of the body. Emphasis will be on disease processes resulting from nutritional imbalance, physical, toxic and microbiological agents.

Prerequisites: 3 course credits in biology.
Exclusions: 73-361.

73-361 Principles of Disease W(3-0)

The lecture portion only of 73-360.

Prerequisites: 3 course credits in biology.
Exclusions: 73-360.

73-410 Diseases of Aquatic Animals F(2-2)

A course designed to familiarize the fisheries manager, researcher or veterinarian with the basic principles of diagnosis, prevention, and control of disease of free living and captive aquatic animals, with emphasis on fish.

Prerequisites: 3 course credits in biology,

1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar
XII--Course Descriptions

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