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XIV--General Information

University Centre

The University Centre exists both as a service and community centre. The University Centre is governed by a Board composed of representatives from the University Centre user groups, including undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, administration, staff and alumni. This group of people, appointed on a two year basis, is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the University Centre's goals are met through policy and planning. Within the Centre, numerous administrative departments, commercial services, student organizations and programming facilities exist for the convenience and enjoyment of all members of the University Community. A wide variety of shops and services are located on the first floor of the University Centre surrounding an open courtyard. These include a campus variety shop, and information desk and postal station, a travel agency, a pharmacy, a dental office, hairstylist, the Video Information System, a box office and printing centre, instant tellers for banking plus a number of popular food and beverage outlets.

Centre Six is a cafeteria venue providing a broad array of food items.

The Brass Taps Lounge with its relaxed atmosphere and excellent weekly entertainment line up (never any cover!) is a favourite campus meeting spot.

The "BOO" Sports Bar on Level 3 offers table games and electronic amusement games, as well as sports programming on a large screen television from around the world via satellite.

The Programming Department offers a wide selection of entertainment and cultural events to the University Community. As well, this department offers students, staff and faculty assistance in setting up their own entertainment programs on campus.

The Performance Season includes concerts and plays held at War Memorial Hall. These have included: The "Wingfield" plays, Bruce Cockburn, and the Rankin Family. Every Wednesday during the fall and winter semesters, the University Centre presents FREE CONCERTS in the Courtyard by up and coming Canadian musical acts.

The LECTURE SERIES features readings by prominent Canadian authors such as Margaret Atwood and Mordechai Richler. Also features are international guests such as Gloria Steinem and debates such as the Preston Manning/ Audrey McLaughlin debate on the Charlottetown Constitutional Accord which was broadcast live on national television.

Peter Clark Hall features weekly dances with such bands as Spirit of the West, Lowest of the Low and Moist.

On Level 2 of the University Centre, office space and operational facilities are provided for numerous clubs and organizations including the Central Student Association, the Ontarion (a weekly campus tabloid newspaper) and CFRU-FM or Radio Gryphon.

The Graduate Students' Association and the Older-Than-Average Students have lounges on Level 5 of the University Centre. Other facilities include the Music Practice Room, the T.V. Lounge or the Quiet Reading Lounge. Administrative offices are located on Levels 3, 4 and 5 of the University Centre including the Office of the Registrar, Office of Student Affairs, Counselling and Student Resource Centre and Financial Services.

The University Centre is a meeting place for people engaged in a wide spectrum of activities. It is the focal point or "living room" for the University Community and was built for the benefit of its many user groups.

1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar
XIV--General Information

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