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1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar


IV--Admission Information

Bachelor of Arts --B.A.

Ontario Academic Course Credit Requirements - 1 credit in OAC English 1; 5 additional credits.

Recommendations and Notes:

  1. Studio Art Majors: Applicants to semester 1 will be considered on the basis of academic performance and a review of a portfolio. The decision will be based upon a review of grades achieved in Fine Art courses and of a portfolio. Students admitted with advanced standing of 9 or more courses in Fine Art may have the portfolio requirement waived. Applications must be received by April 1.
  2. All applicants are strongly encouraged to offer a credit in Mathematics or a credit in French (or other language) among the additional five credits.
  3. Students planning on entering programs in the Social Sciences, Mathematical Sciences and Computing and Information Science are strongly advised to include one or more mathematics courses, such as Calculus.
  4. Applicants who lack OAC English 1 but who have a high overall academic standing are encouraged to apply for admission.

1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar
IV--Admission Information

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