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1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar


IV--Admission Information

Bachelor of Science--B.Sc.

.Ontario Academic Course Credit Requirements 1 credit in OAC English 1; 1 credit in Calculus; 2 credits from the following group:* Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Algebra and Geometry; 2 additional credits.

Recommendations and Notes:

It is highly recommended that students select one of the two additional credits from the asterisked group, bearing in mind:

  1. their eventual specialization
  2. Regulation I on Introductory Courses, Section IX--B.Sc.. Applicants who lack one or two specific OAC credit requirement(s) but who have a high overall academic standing are encouraged to apply for admission. Students contemplating admission to the D.V.M. program should include the following OAC credits: Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Bio-Medical Science and Human Kinetics: Applicants are advised to include Biology, Chemistry and Physics among their OAC credits.

1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar
IV--Admission Information

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