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X--Degree Programs


Akademia is a first year program with an integrated arts and science curriculum and a living learning component.

The program is designed to appeal to academically committed students with a strong general background who wish to pursue a liberal education while simultaneously completing the basic courses of the first year of the B.A. or B.Sc. program. Entry to this first year experience is through the B.A. or B.Sc. degree program and the admission requirements of these programs will apply. In no circumstances will the average for admission to the Akademia program be less than 75%. For further information contact the Akademia counsellor and request the program guide.

Course Offerings

Group A: Akademia Integrated Studies
58-101 AKADEMIA Integrated Studies
58-102 AKADEMIA Integrated Studies
58-103 AKADEMIA Integrated Studies
58-104 AKADEMIA Integrated Studies
58-105 AKADEMIA Integrated Studies
58-106 AKADEMIA Integrated Studies
Group B: Arts and Social Sciences
37-120 Literature and the Modern World
37-120 Literature and the Modern World
37-140 Major English Writers
49-101 Europe in the Age of Expansion
74-101 Social and Political Issues
80-120 Dynamics of Behaviour
86-110 Sociology
Group C: Science Courses
37-120 Literature and the Modern World
19-104 General Chemistry I
63-108 Elements of Calculus I
65-100 General Microbiology
76-100 An Introduction to Mechanics
76-107 Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences I
92-102 The Animal Kingdom

Akademia Program Requirements

By the end of semester 2 Akademia students will have completed at least 3 courses from Group A (Akademia Integrated Courses). In addition, at least 1 course from each of Groups B (Arts) and C (Science ) is required. With permission from the Akademia counsellor, students may take a limited number of electives from outside the Akademia curriculum.

Student course selection requires approval of the Akademia counsellor.

Continuation of Studies

Upon completion of the Akademia experience, students will proceed into semester 3 of the B.A. program or apply to transfer to B.Sc. or another degree program. The program counsellor will advise students of options for continuation. In some instances where schedules of studies are rigidly defined, program transfer might necessitate the fulfillment of specific course deficiencies.

1996-97 Undergraduate Calendar
X--Degree Programs
Bachelor of Arts--B.A.
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