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X--Degree Programs


Department of Geography, College of Social Science.

The Department of Geography provides students with a broad range of courses in Human and Physical Geography which focus on the nature and evolution of the numerous and complex physical and human environment systems of the world. Students are required to select courses from both the human and physical fields. Within the program of studies it is possible for students through course selection to follow a particular line of interest in, for example, Rural Geography, Resource Management, Urban and Economic Geography, Biophysical Resources or Geomorphology.

The 100 level courses provide a foundation for the Geography programs and are prerequisites or are strongly recommended for many of the 200 level courses. The 200 level systematic courses are prerequisite to the corresponding advanced courses at the 300 and 400 level. All students should obtain a copy of the department program planning guide and consult with faculty before planning their course of studies.

Students contemplating graduate or professional programs of study following completion of the honours program should consult a departmental advisor for advice on additional courses that they should take.

The department also offers a B.Sc. honours Earth Surface Science program (jointly with Land Resources Science) and a B.Sc.(Env.) honours Geography program which are described in the schedule of studies for each of the programs (Section IX).

The following courses offered by the Department of Land Resource Science may be counted as Geography credits: 46-215, 64-203, 87-201, 87-360.

Requirements for Geography Programs

Detailed requirements for general and honours programs are set out below. In each program, required courses are specified and others may be chosen from Lists A, B and C. List A consists of human and physical systematic courses; List B consists of regional geography courses which provide an integrative view of specific areas; and List C consists of the techniques and methods courses.

General Program Area of Concentration

A minimum of 10 Geography courses is required, including:

  1. 45-120, 45-122, 45-130;
  2. Two of 45-200, 45-211, 45-221, 45-223;
  3. 45-246 or 45-248
  4. Four courses at the 300 level or above (not more than 1 of which is from List B).

Honours Program Major

A minimum of 18 Geography courses is required, including:

  1. 45-120, 45-122, 45-130, 45-200, 45-211, 45-221, 45-223, 45-246, 45-248;
  2. 45-251 or 45-257
  3. Eight courses at the 300 level or above (not more than 1 of which may be from List B) to include: 45-488; 45-346 or 45-348; and three 400 level List A courses.

Honours Program Minor

A minimum of 10 Geography courses is required, including:

  1. Two of 45-120, 45-122, 45-130
  2. Two of 45-200, 45-211, 45-221, 45-223
  3. Five courses at the 300 level or above (not more than 1 of which may be from List B) to include at least one 400 level List A course.

List A

Systematic Geography Courses
45-200 Geomorphology
45-205 Third World Urbanization
45-211 Climate and the Biophysical Environment
45-221 Environment and Resources
45-223 Economic Geography
45-300 Fluvial Processes
45-311 Biotic and Natural Resources
45-320 Location and Spatial Organization of Industry
45-321 Management of the Biophysical Environment
45-332 Agricultural Systems and Location
45-338 The Making of the Ontario Landscape
45-339 Rural Geography
45-340 Urban Geography
45-349 Recreational Behaviour and Resources
45-361 Geographical Hydrology
45-362 Desert Environments
45-411 Environmental Systems Analysis
45-415 Sedimentary Processes
45-420 Economic Geography and Regional Development
45-421 Environmental Resource Analysis
45-425 Coastal Processes
45-432 Rural Land Use
45-439 Issues in Rural Geography
45-440 Issues in Urban Geography
45-499 Independent Study in Geography

List B

Regional Geography Courses
45-251 Canada: A Regional Synthesis
45-257 A Geography of the Third World
45-351 China
45-353 U.S.A.
45-360 Geography of a Selected Region

List C

Techniques and Methods Courses
45-242 Aerial-photo Interpretation
45-246 Analysis in Geography
45-248 Cartographic Methods
45-346 Advanced Analysis in Geography
45-348 Geographic Information Systems
45-448 Applied Geographic Information Systems
45-4691:2 Geography Field Research
45-488 Senior Seminar in Geography

1998-99 Undergraduate Calendar
X--Degree Programs
Bachelor of Arts--B.A.

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