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X--Degree Programs


Department of Mathematics and Statistics, College of Physical and Engineering Science.

The discipline of Statistics is essential in the social sciences, biological sciences, and health professions as well as the physical sciences. The specialization in Statistics emphasizes applications of statistical theory and methods to other disciplines and and is available as B.A. Honours Program major or minor and as an area of concentration in the General Program.

Students are encouraged to combine the study of statistics with another field, for example, from the social sciences.

Statistical computing is a fundamental tool for the application of modern statistical methods. Hence students in these programs will develop skills in computer applications programming using such high-level languages as SAS and S-PLUS.

General Program Area of Concentration

A minimum of 10 Mathematics and Statistics courses is required, including:

  1. not more than 3 courses at the 100 level
  2. six Statistics courses (89-xxx, 4 of which must be at the 300 level or above.

Recommended courses are (63-100 or 63-120), 63-121, 63-215, (1 of 89-204, 89-206, 89-208, 89-210), (89-205 or 89-209), 89-310, 89-311, 89-324, 89-332.

Honours Programs

Those planning to major or minor in Statistics should take (63-100 or 63-120), 63-121 as soon as possible, preferably in the first year. Those contemplating graduate studies in Statistics should take 89-434 and additional mathematics courses such as 63-200, 63-213, 63-216, 63-217, 63-220, 63-221, 63-316, 63-320, and 63-443.

Students who major or minor in Statistics may not receive credit for the following courses unless taken to satisfy the requirements of another program: 02-306, 36-274, 80-201, 80-332, 86-312.

Statistics Core Requirements

( 63-100 or 63-120), 63-121, ( 63-215 or 63-216), (1 of 89-204, 89-206, 89-208, 89-210), 89-310, 89-311, 89-324.

Honours Program Major

A minimum of 16 Mathematics or Statistics courses is required, including:

  1. the Statistics Core
  2. one course in Computing Science from (27-150, 27-160 or above.)
  3. eight additional courses including 2 Statistics courses (89-xxx) at the 300 level, and 2 statistics courses at the 400 level.

Honours Program Minor

A minimum of 10 Mathematics or Statistics courses is required, including:

  1. the Statistics Core
  2. three additional courses 2 of which must be in Statistics 89-xxx.

1998-99 Undergraduate Calendar
X--Degree Programs
Bachelor of Arts--B.A.

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