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05-310 Engineering Design II W(3-2) [0.75]

This course combines the knowledge gained in the advanced engineering and basic science courses with the design skills taught in 05-110 and 05-210 in solving open-ended problems. These problems are related to the student's major. Additional design tools are presented, including model simulation, sensitivity analysis, linear programming, knowledge-based systems and computer programming. Complementing these tools are discussions on writing and public speaking techniques, codes, safety issues, environmental assessment and professional management. These topics are taught with the consideration of available resources and cost.

Prerequisites: registration in the B.Sc. (Eng.) program05-210, 05-223, 05-240, 05-326 and, for the specific majors: Biological Engineering 05-215, 05-266; Engineering Systems & Computing, 66-201; Environmental Engineering, 05-336, 05-359, 05-365; Water Resources Engineering, 05-359, 05-365.
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1998-99 Undergraduate Calendar
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