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Family and Social Relations

Department of Family Studies, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences.

The Family and Social Relations major focuses on issues such as the increasing variation in family structure, the work/family balance, gender socialization, changing roles of women and men, poverty, violence, and abuse and family policy. The major combines social science research knowledge with practical experience gained through course work and field placements in the community. Students who select this major are interested in a career that requires an interdisciplinary understanding of the complex and changing interrelationships among individual development, family systems, communities and the larger culture. There is flexibility in the major for students to select courses which can be used to facilitate career goals in such areas as community mental health, child welfare, family counselling, divorce mediation, family life education, and family social services.

Graduates may proceed to post-graduate professional studies in such fields as family therapy, law, social work, education and medicine.

All students in the Family and Social Relations major must successfully complete a minimum of [20.00] credits including the core of [12.50] required credits and [1.50] restricted electives, as outlined in the Schedule of Studies. Students will normally register for courses according to the semesters indicated below for Fall and Winter sequencing. Those who register for spring semesters and other students for whom the semester offerings present difficulty may, where they have the approval of their departmental advisor, take some courses in alternative semesters.


Semester 1

80-120 [0.50] Dynamics of Behaviour
86-110 [0.50] Sociology
[0.50] from one of 37-120, 37-140, 44-120.
[1.00] elective or restricted elective

Note: one course must be15-102 if the student does not have standing in OAC Biology or equivalent.

Semester 2

39-201 [0.50] Couple and Family Relationships
71-101 [0.50] Nutrition and Society
80-110 [0.50] Principles of Behaviour
[1.00] elective or restricted elective

Semester 3

39-227 [0.50] Development in Early and Middle Childhood
26-210 [0.50] Personal and Financial Management
39-210 [0.50] Development of Human Sexuality
89-208 [0.50] Introductory Applied Statistics I
[0.50] elective or restricted elective

Semester 4

39-308 [0.50] Adolescent Development
26-202 [0.50] Information Management
39-206 [0.50] Adult Development and Aging
89-209 [0.50] Introductory Applied Statistics II
[0.50] elective or restricted elective

Semester 5

39-304 [0.50] Parenting: Research and Applications
39-306 [0.50] Principles of Social Gerontology
39-307 [0.50] Research Methods - Family Studies
[1.00] elective or restricted elective

Semester 6

39-312 [0.50] Families in Canadian Context
39-340 [0.50] Communication in Family Consultation
[1.50] electives or restricted electives

Semester 7

39-402 [0.50] Family Theory
39-406 [0.50] Practicum-Family Studies I
39-410 [0.50] Dynamics of Group and Family Functioning
[1.00] elective or restricted elective

Semester 8

39-413 [0.50] Issues in Child and Family Welfare
39-428 [0.50] Practicum - Family Studies II
[1.50] electives or restricted electives

Restricted Electives:

One of:
40-100 [0.50] Concepts in Human Genetics
80-241 [0.50] Behavioural Basis of Neuroscience, I
98-200 [0.50] Concepts of Physiology
One of:
74-206 [0.50] Philosophy of Feminism
32-220 [0.50] Introduction to Women's Studies
86-340 [0.50] Sociology of Gender
One of:
49-280 [0.50] The History of the Modern Family
74-100 [0.50] Introductory Philosophy
74-101 [0.50] Social and Political Issues
74-207 [0.50] Philosophy of the Environment
74-210 [0.50] Critical Thinking
74-218 [0.50] Philosophy of Science
80-231 [0.50] Introduction to Social Psychology
Courses which complement the major and which may be taken as electives include:
26-100 [0.50] Marketing
26-180 [0.50] Housing and Community Planning
26-260 [0.50] Fundamentals of Consumer Behaviour
26-281 [0.50] Social Aspects of Housing
38-308 [0.50] Technology in Extension
38-310 [0.50] Teaching and Learning in Non-Formal Education
38-402 [0.50] Rural Extension in Change and Development
39-211 [0.50] The Exceptional Child in the Family
39-226 [0.50] Infant Development
39-420 [0.50] Issues in Human Sexuality
71-205 [0.50] Family and Community Nutrition
71-407 [0.50] Nutrition Education
80-231 [0.50] Introduction to Social Psychology
80-331 [0.50] Applied Social Psychology
86-207 [0.50] Social Deviance

Note: Students intending to apply for admission to a graduate program should include among their electives both 39-481 and 39-491.

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