University of Guelph 2002-2003 Undergraduate Calendar

IX--Scholarships and Other Awards, Entrance Awards for B.Sc.(Env.)

Entrance Scholarships - B.Sc.(Env.)

Amos & William Lowe Memorial Scholarship

Endowed by the late William B. Lowe of Fort Francis, Ontario. Preference will be given first to eligible students from the district of Rainy River, then from the district of Kenora or Thunder Bay, and finally from the remaining districts of Northern Ontario. Application not required. [E0158]

Qualification(s): Student entering any of the undergraduate degree programs of the Ontario Agricultural College.

Amount: Two awards of $1,250 paid in two installments of $625

Entrance Access Awards - B.Sc.(Env.)

Fred Hindle Bursary

Awarded in memory of Fred Hindle, OAC '38, a long-time generous supporter of his Alma Mater, who at the time of his death, wanted future students to have the same opportunity for an education as he had received. This bursary is awarded with the assistance of the Ontario government's OSOTF program. This bursary is dependent on continued demonstration of financial need and successful completion of study to advance into the next year. Apply with a completed Need Assessment Form to Student Financial Services by April 1. Students who have applied to the University for admission will receive a Need Assessment Form for Entrance Awards from the University early in the calendar year. ACCESS AWARD [E3500]

Qualification(s): An entering OAC degree student who has demonstrated financial need. Additionally, students must meet the government-mandated terms for receipt of an OSOTF award (see General Statements on Awards).

Amount: One award of $6,000 ($1,500 annually for 4 years)

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