University of Guelph 2002-2003 Undergraduate Calendar

X--Degree Programs, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Art History (ARTH)

School of Fine Art and Music, College of Arts.

The School offers programs that allow for concentrated study in Art History or Studio Arts, or for a more balanced study in the two disciplines. Both programs, however, require work in both Studio Arts and Art History. Specific requirements are listed below.

Student Counselling

The students who elect to take a substantial number of courses in either Art History or Studio Arts with the objective of graduate work are advised to obtain counselling from faculty regarding their choices. However, in general, it is important to know that graduate studies in Art History will usually require a reading knowledge of at least 2 languages other than English. German, French, Italian and Latin are among the most useful choices. Cognate electives in other disciplines in the College of Arts (such as History) will almost certainly prove an asset. A Studio career to the graduate level will normally require some education in all the traditional and contemporary media as well as an awareness of art theory.

Art History Core Requirements

All students are required to complete the following core courses:

ARTH*1510 [0.50] Art Historical Studies I

ARTH*1520 [0.50] Art Historical Studies II

SART*1050 [0.50] Visual Studies in 2-D

SART*1060 [0.50] Visual Studies in Media and 3-D

Major (Honours Program)

A minimum of 9.00 credits is required, including:

Minor (Honours Program)

A minimum of 6.00 credits is required, including:


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