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X--Degree Programs, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Individual Studies (IS)

Interdisciplinary Program.

B.A. Counselling Office, Room 130, MacKinnon Building, Ext. 2140.

Honours B.A. students have the option of doing an Individual Studies Major. Students in the Individual Studies Major have the opportunity to determine the goals and methods of their studies. Areas of study can include courses in any of the colleges and where the University of Guelph has faculty expertise to assist students. Students are encouraged to develop an interdisciplinary perspective, and to explore the methods of inquiry which provide depth of knowledge in a specific subject.

An Individual Studies Major must include a minimum of 9.00 credits and be approved by the end of semester 5 by the B.A. Program Committee. A student wishing to follow the Individual Studies option must submit the proposed program of studies to the B.A. Program Counsellor by the sixth week of classes for pre-screening. Proposals will not be considered unless they articulate a detailed rationale for a coherent program of studies that is significantly different from any existing major and minor combination at the University of Guelph, and unless the proposal meets the following criteria:

A student wishing to submit a proposed program of studies for the Individual Studies Major must prepare a proposal that will include the following:

Note: Students undertaking the Individual Studies Major must fulfill the requirements of the B.A. Honours Program as set out in Section X. The B.A. Program Counsellor is the academic counsellor. The Individual Studies designation will appear on the student's transcript upon graduation, but the title or subject of the major will not.

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