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X--Degree Programs, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Rural Extension Studies (REXT)

School of Rural Extension Studies, College Faculty of Environmental Design and Rural Development, Ontario Agricultural College.

Rural Extension Studies is offered as a minor in the honours program. It is designed to provide students with an opportunity to pursue studies which focus on the development of non formal educational programs for rural people and rural communities and their organizations. The program comprises 5.00 credits. 3.00 of these are drawn from the area of Rural Extension studies; 2.00 electives must be chosen from 1 or several complementary disciplines in the social sciences. Students seeking counselling should consult with a departmental advisor in the School of Rural Extension Studies.

Minor (Honours Program)

A minimum of 5.00 credits is required, including:

REXT*2000 [0.50] Introduction to Rural Extension

REXT*3000 [0.50] Program Development and Evaluation

Four of the following:

REXT*3040 [0.50] Communication Process

REXT*3060 [0.50] International Communication

REXT*3080 [0.50] Technology in Extension

REXT*3100 [0.50] Teaching and Learning in Non-Formal Education

REXT*4020 [0.50] Rural Extension in Change and Development

REXT*4100 [0.50] Leadership Development in Rural Organization


The remaining credits required for the minor must be selected from the following list. However, students are strongly advised to consult with the departmental advisor before choosing electives.

GEOG*1220 [0.50] Human Impact on the Environment

POLS*2080 [0.50] Development and Underdevelopment

SOC*2080 [0.50] Rural Sociology

POLS*2200 [0.50] International Relations

PSYC*2310 [0.50] Introduction to Social Psychology

PSYC*2450 [0.50] Introduction to Developmental Psychology

SOAN*3300 [0.50] Community Development

GEOG*3320 [0.50] Agricultural Systems and Dynamics

ECON*4830 [0.50] Economic Development

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