University of Guelph 2003-2004 Undergraduate Calendar

IV--Admission Information

Post Degree and Letter of Permission

University graduates who wish to enrol in degree courses to upgrade their degree or to gain credit for admission to a graduate or other academic program should apply to a non-degree category (e.g. Non-degree Arts). Applicants must hold a degree which is recognized as equivalent to a Canadian university's undergraduate or graduate degree. A student from another university wishing to register at the University of Guelph to take courses for credit at the home university, must present a Letter of Permission from the Registrar, Dean or program supervisor of the home institution authorizing a program selection. Official university transcripts must also be presented.

All post-degree and Letter of Permission applicants will be required to complete a statement of intent and submit it to Admission Services.

This category is not normally open to applicants who do not meet University of Guelph general regulations for continuation of study outlined under Continuation of Study, Undergraduate Degree Regulations, Section VIII of the Undergraduate Calendar and transfer requirements.

An offer of admission to post-degree or on the basis of Letter of Permission does not imply in any way that space will be available in the course(s) in which the applicant wishes to register. Students should contact Undergraduate Program Services about space availability in their desired courses.

Candidates applying for admission should use an Ontario Universities' Application Centre 105 application form if they have not previously registered at the University of Guelph. Applicants who have previously registered at this institution may obtain the appropriate application form from the University of Guelph website at <>. Applicants must apply by the published deadline dates.

Students who register in the non-degree category and who subsequently want to change to a degree status will be required to meet admission requirements for that program, and credit granted for courses taken in the non-degree category will be subject to the regulations pertaining to that program. Students should see their program counselor for details.

Second Degrees

Students from the University of Guelph or from another university may graduate with a second undergraduate degree from the University of Guelph. If they have graduated with their first degree, they must apply for admission to the program for their second degree. However, only 10.00 credits may be transferred from the initial degree program. The course content of the second degree program must be substantially different from that of the first. If University of Guelph students apply to graduate with two different degrees at the same convocation, only 10.00 credits may be transferred from the registered program to the undeclared program. Note: A second degree is judged to be substantially different if:

Honours Equivalent

Students from the University of Guelph or another university may upgrade a degree from the general program to the honours program to obtain an Honours Equivalent recognition. Students may also upgrade a degree from the honours program by the completion of an additional specialization to qualify for the Honours Equivalent recognition. These students are categorized as continuing students and must be readmitted to the program. All previous University of Guelph credits may be utilized toward the equivalent degree from the honours program.

To be granted an Honours Equivalent, students must satisfy the University of Guelph residence requirements. In addition, students must satisfy the conditions for graduation for the specified honours program using the calendar that is in effect at the time of admission into the continuing category.

The students who are granted the Honours Equivalent designation do not receive a second degree parchment and do not participate in a convocation program, but have the designation shown on their transcript. Graduation standing is not assigned for the Honours Equivalent designation.

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