University of Guelph 2003-2004 Undergraduate Calendar

V--International Study

Study Abroad Programs

University of Guelph study abroad programs consist of two types: semesters abroad and exchange programs.

Semesters abroad offer a structured group experience where a Guelph faculty member accompanies students abroad. Students take Guelph courses and pay tuition to the University of Guelph.

Exchange programs offer students an opportunity to take courses at a university abroad for up to a year and get credit toward their degree at Guelph. In return, students from the host university may study at Guelph. Tuition is paid to the student's home university.

Participants in a University of Guelph study abroad program may qualify for a travel scholarship, see Section IX--Scholarships and Other Awards for details.

For information on these or other work or study abroad options, please contact the Centre for International Programs, Day Hall, Level 2.

International Field Studies

International Field Studies Grants are available for students who individually arrange opportunities abroad with supervising faculty. Details and application forms are available from the Centre for International Programs, Day Hall.

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