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VIII--Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures

Dean's Honours List

Effective Spring 1986, the University established a Dean's Honours List for full-time students which is recognized on students' transcripts. (Prior to Spring 1986 colleges used different criteria and the designation was not recognized on transcripts.) In Fall 1996 the Dean's Honours List procedures were revised to include all undergraduate programs.

Effective Spring 1991 the Dean's Honours List procedures were extended to accommodate part-time study (see 2. below). Part-time students must contact their College Dean's Office to formally request that the Dean's Honours List designation be applied to their official transcript. As part of the request, the student must identify the semester to be considered for the listing (e.g. Fall 2000). Approved requests will be forwarded by the Dean's Office to the Associate Registrar, Undergraduate Program Services. The Dean's Honours List will include:

Students who have consistently maintained a high average, but for whom a change in program, in part-time status in the graduating semester, or other anomalies have prevented placement on the Dean's Honours List, should consult the appropriate dean's office about eligibility for the Dean's Honours List.

Students with a high level of academic achievement on exchange programs will be considered for the Dean's Honours List based on a recommendation to the appropriate Dean from the exchange co-ordinator.

Note: The calculation of full-time and part-time status for students includes courses with credit (CRD) standing or pass (P) standing. These courses do not affect the calculation of the averages used to determine Dean's Honours. Within each period of consideration there must be at least one course with a numeric grade for a student to qualify for Dean's Honours List unless the student has been on exchange for that period.

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