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VIII--Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures

Failed Courses

In general, a student who is eligible for continuation of study in the program but has failed to gain standing in one or more of the courses attempted will be required to repeat the course(s) or take an alternative credit. However, the University recognizes that there may be cases where it is unreasonable for the student to repeat the course to make up for the lost credit.

Therefore, the Academic Review Sub-Committee may, if appropriate and feasible, and only under special circumstances, allow a student the opportunity to gain credit standing in a failed course by granting a supplemental privilege. It is unlikely that any student with a final grade of less than 40% would meet the requirements of the granting of a supplemental privilege. The decision to grant the privilege will normally be made in consultation with the instructor and a review of the student's course performance during the semester.

The Academic Review Sub-Committees will consider granting a supplemental privilege in the following special circumstances:

The original failing grade will remain on the student's academic record. A notation of "P" or "F" will be shown beside the original failing grade to show that a supplemental privilege was granted and whether the outcome resulted in credit (P) or not (F).

Multiple Failure Limitations

Students should note that some programs limit the number of times a student may repeat failed courses. A student may not be permitted to continue in his/her major and/or program should they fail the same course, or its equivalent, mutliple times. Multiple failure limitations are noted in Program Requirements by Degree Program in Chapter X--Degree Programs.

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