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VIII--Undergraduate Degree Regulations and Procedures


The Senate Committee on Student Petitions is comprised of students, faculty and a representative of the Office of Registrarial Services. It is responsible for assessing and disposing of cases submitted to it by any undergraduate or graduate student of the University. The Senate Committee on Student Petitions will consider petitions and conduct hearings on requests which fall under one of the following:

Petitions Concerning a Course Grade(s) Involving Medical, Psychological or Compassionate Grounds

A student may appeal any decision of the Academic Review Sub-Committee to Petitions. The appeal must be submitted to the Office of the Judicial Officer within 90 days of receiving notification of the decision. Requests submitted after this deadline will not normally be considered.

Students should speak to the Judicial Officer before submitting a petition to ensure proper completion of the form.

The Committee will not normally consider a petition concerning an illness or incident that occurred at some time in the past unless there is a reasonable explanation for the delay in submitting the petition.

Petitions Concerning Methods and Criteria Used by an Instructor in Assigning a Course Grade

Before submitting such a petition the student must have submitted a written appeal to the chair of the department of the instructor assigning the course grade and have received from the chair of the department a written statement that every effort has been made at the department level to resolve the issue. The student must provide the Judicial Officer with a clear and concise statement of the allegations.

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