University of Guelph 2003-2004 Undergraduate Calendar

X--Degree Programs, Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.)

Child, Youth and Family (Co-op) (CYF:C)

Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences.

The first four semesters are as for the students in the regular program. Students in the co-op program must also complete COOP*1100 in the second academic semester. Thereafter the schedule is as follows:

Summer Semester

COOP*1000 [0.00] Co-op Work Term I

Semester 5 - Fall

FRHD*3070 [0.50] Research Methods - Family Studies

FRHD*3150 [0.50] Strategies for Behaviour Change

FRHD*3180 [0.50] Observation and Assessment

FRHD*3200 [1.00] Practicum--Child, Youth and Family I

Winter Semester

COOP*2000 [0.00] Co-op Work Term II

Semester 6 - Summer

FRHD*3400 [0.50] Communication and Counselling Skills

2.00 electives or restricted electives

Fall Semester

COOP*3000 [0.00] Co-op Work Term III

Semester 7 - Winter

FRHD*3040 [0.50] Parenting: Research and Applications

FRHD*3120 [0.50] Families in Canadian Context

FRHD*4320 [0.50] Social Policies for Children, Youth and Families

1.00 electives or restricted electives

Semester 8 - Fall

FRHD*4170 [1.00] Practicum--Child, Youth and Family II

FRHD*4310 [0.50] Professional Issues

1.00 electives or restricted electives

Electives and Restricted Electives

Electives and restricted electives as for the regular program.

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