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XIV--General Information

Guelph Campus Cooperative

The Guelph Campus Co-op was started in 1913 by students who knew they couldn't count on others to look out for their interests. So they organized their buying power. Their biggest concerns: the availability and cost of textbooks and finding a decent place to live. Sound familiar? Obviously a lot has changed since then. But not the principles behind the co-op. First and foremost, we're still by students for students. Students still dictate Co-op policy and our services are still focused squarely on making student life better. Perhaps most relevant to you is that we are not a profit-centred corporation. Getting more of your money is not our mandate. Saving you money is.

Guelph Campus Co-op Housing

Affordable and close to campus, the Co-op operates shared houses and apartments at below market rates. It's a better deal because our mandate is to serve students, not make big profits. Another reason it's affordable is that the deal includes your participation in the upkeep and running of your place. Sound reasonable? Apply early: only a limited number of units become available each term, and the waiting list can get pretty long. Application forms are available at the Co-op office at 17 College Avenue West (across from OVC).

Co-op Bookstore

There are two bookstores on campus. Only one of them is owned by students. Where you spend your money counts. You get the lowest possible prices, and we'll always substitute good used texts when they are in stock. We'll also buy back your texts for cash any time throughout the year. When ordering, all you have to do is give us your order - in person, over the phone, or by email - and we'll get everything ready for you. We know textbooks, and we know the courses you're taking. So if you need help reviewing your course list needs, talk to us. That's part of our service. To check your course lists on line, visit our web site at

Annual memberships are available for $10 and entitle you to a 5percent discount at the Bookstore, discounts at the OVC Coffeeshop, use of Co-op resources, the right to apply for Co-op housing, and the right to vote and run for the Board of Directors. For more information call 824-4950 or email

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