University of Guelph 2003-2004 Undergraduate Calendar

XIV--General Information

Student Computing

Students are encouraged to purchase or arrange access to a computer for general computing needs, including word processing and spreadsheet applications. The computing environment on campus is primarily Windows. Laser printing facilities are available in several areas on campus.

Whether you are off campus or in residence, Computing and Communications Services can help you. Central computing accounts provide access to the Internet and instructional software. You will enjoy access to e-mail and the Web, increasingly important educational tools. All residence rooms can be connected to the campus fibre-optic network, providing you with Internet access that is vastly faster than the best modems.

You can access your account from many of the over 1,000 campus microcomputers or via your own computer and modem. Training seminars are available to introduce you to the major software packages and applications. CCS offers phone support through their Help Centre as well as walk-in support at their microcomputer labs. To get started, you can access the CCS web site at for information and help.

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