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XIV--General Information

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students have fundamental rights and responsibilities which maintain the integrity of the University as a community for learning.

The Student Rights and Responsibilities brochure (available on-line at <>) outlines the basis of conduct considered to be consistent with the goals and well-being of the University community and describes the process in place to review reported incidents of misconduct. The code of conduct was developed collaboratively by students, staff and faculty and is regularly reviewed by the entire University community.

As a student you have the RIGHT to access the Judicial system if a violation of this policy has occurred, whether that violation has occurred on or off campus provided that the violation affects your ability to use and enjoy university facilities.

University Community Principles

The University of Guelph is dedicated to the advancement of learning and the dissemination of knowledge; the intellectual, social, moral and physical development of its members; and the betterment of society (University of Guelph Act, 1964). These overall goals commit us to three central values:

Student Regulations

The University accepts that you are able to make responsible decisions regarding your own moral and social behaviour. The purpose of these regulations is to provide for an environment that supports personal and intellectual growth. These regulations are intended to recognize your rights as a student and the rights of others, while also identifying certain responsibilities of students that are a part of the exercise of these rights.

For purposes of these regulations, a student is a person registered in an undergraduate or graduate program proceeding toward a degree, a diploma or a certificate at the University of Guelph, or otherwise taking credit or non-credit courses offered by the University.

You have the right to engage in free intellectual enquiry and, within the limits of the material and human resources and approved University protocols, to access the resources necessary to plan and accomplish your educational and career objectives. You have the responsibility to:

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You retain your ordinary rights as a citizen when you become a member of the University community. You have the responsibility to abide by Federal, Provincial and Municipal statutes in addition to the University's own regulations. The University's interest may cause it to initiate a hearing (refer to Judicial Processes) whether or not non-university authorities have taken action.

Judicial Processes

Every student has a right to a full and fair hearing, by an impartial tribunal, of the merits of any charge brought against him or her under these regulations. Every student who is charged with a non-academic offence has a right to present a full and complete defence, and to be accompanied by an advisor (or legal counsel) at any hearing of the charge against him/her. Students charged are presumed innocent until found guilty on the basis of evidence presented, using the balance of probabilities as the standard of proof. The University has devised a non-academic process which provides for appropriate disciplinary penalties to be imposed. These penalties may include fines (up to $500), probationary periods, warnings and, in extreme cases, a recommendation to the President for suspension or expulsion.

Every student has a responsibility to comply with a Summons or Decision and Order of the Judicial Committee and/or Hearing Board. Failure to do so will constitute a breach of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

The President or designate may implement an interim suspension if, in his/her opinion, a student's conduct raises a reasonable apprehension of harm to the student or to others in the University community, or the normal functioning of the University. A Judicial proceeding will be undertaken as soon as possible to allow for a hearing of the case and, in any event, no longer than fourteen (14) working days from the laying of the charge.

The Judicial Committee at the main campus and each Regional College has the authority to enforce these regulations if a breach of the regulations occurs off-campus which affects the rights of the members of the University community to use and enjoy University facilities.

University Committees

The Senate Committee on Student Petitions, and the Appeal Board at each Regional College, assess and dispose of academic appeals, including appeals to decisions on academic misconduct, by students registered at the University of Guelph.

Each Judicial Committee is an appointed Tribunal of students and faculty which hears reported incidents of student behaviour that represent alleged infractions of the student regulations. The Judicial Committee may also act as an appeal body to hear appeals regarding actions or penalties of an non-academic nature imposed by a University of Guelph department or Regional College where there is no other existing appeal process.

Decisions of a Judicial Committee may be appealed to the Hearing Board. The Hearing/Appeal Board is a student/faculty tribunal appointed from a roster of candidates, based on recommendations from the Colleges. The Board hears appeals from decisions of the Judicial Committee when one or more of the grounds for appeal are satisfied.

Further information on the Judicial process or the Petitions process may be obtained from the Judicial Officer, Senate Secretariat, 4th floor, University Centre, at ext. 53116.

Further information and additional copies of the Student Rights and Responsibilities document are available from the Office of Student Affairs, 4th floor, University Centre, at ext. 53868.

Comments on the document and specific suggestions for amendments or additions to the student regulations are welcome at any time and should be referred to the Office of Student Affairs.

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