2005-2006 University of Guelph Undergraduate Calendar

X. Degree Programs

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm)

Marketing Management (Co-op) (MKMN:C)

Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences.

A principal aim of the Co-op program is to facilitate the transition of students from academic studies to a professional career in Marketing Management by enhancing the integration of theory and practice.

The Co-op program consists of two eight month work terms. The first work term begins after the second year. The second work term commences after the third year of studies. The Co-op program is normally completed over a 5 year period.

To be eligible to continue in the Co-op Major students must maintain a satisfactory average, must complete all course requirements as scheduled and must obtain a minimum evaluation of "satisfactory" on all required work term reports. Consult the Co-op advisor or Department for additional information.


Semester 1 - Fall
COST*1000 [0.50] Introduction to Marketing Management
ECON*1050 [0.50] Introductory Microeconomics
MATH*1000 [0.50] Introductory Calculus
PSYC*1200 [0.50] Dynamics of Behaviour
0.50 from List A or elective
Note: Students who are exceptionally strong in mathematics may consult with their academic advisor to substitute an alternative mathematics course for MATH*1000 (MATH*1080 or MATH*1200).
Semester 2 - Winter
AGEC*2220 [0.50] Financial Accounting
ECON*1100 [0.50] Introductory Macroeconomics
PSYC*2310 [0.50] Introduction to Social Psychology
STAT*2060 [0.50] Statistics for Business Decisions
0.50 from List A or 0.50 elective
Semester 3 - Fall
AGEC*2230 [0.50] Management Accounting
COOP*1100 [0.00] Introduction to Co-operative Education
COST*2020 [0.50] Information Management
COST*2600 [0.50] Fundamentals of Consumer Behaviour
ECON*2310 [0.50] Intermediate Microeconomics
0.50 from List B
Semester 4 - Winter
COST*3030 [0.50] Research Methods
COST*3040 [0.50] Business and Consumer Law
ECON*2410 [0.50] Intermediate Macroeconomics
0.50 from List B
One of:
HTM*2200 [0.50] Organizational Behaviour I
ISS*2500 [0.50] Management in Organizations
Summer Semester
COOP*1000 [0.00] Co-op Work Term I
Fall Semester
COOP*2000 [0.00] Co-op Work Term II
Semester 5 - Winter
AGEC*3310 [0.50] Operations Management
COST*3010 [0.50] Quality Management
COST*3020 [0.50] Services & Retail Marketing
COST*3100 [0.50] Economic Behaviour of Households
COST*3600 [0.50] Consumer Information Processes
0.50 elective (if COST*3610 to be taken in Semester 6)
Note: Students only take one of COST*3100 in Semester 5 OR COST*3610 in Semester 6.
Semester 6 - Fall
AGEC*3320 [0.50] Financial Management
COST*3610 [0.50] Consumer Economics
COST*3620 [0.50] Advertising Management
0.50 from List A and/or up to 1.00 elective
Note: Students only take one of COST*3100 in Semester 5 OR COST*3610 in Semester 6.
Winter Semester
COOP*3000 [0.00] Co-op Work Term III
Summer Semester
COOP*4000 [0.00] Co-op Work Term IV
Semester 7 - Fall
COST*4040 [0.50] Management in Product Development
COST*4050 [0.50] Consumer, Business and Government Relations
COST*4370 [0.50] Marketing Strategy
ECON*3560 [0.50] Theory of Finance
0.50 from List A and/or electives
Note: COST*4050 may be taken in Semester 8.
Semester 8 - Winter
AGEC*4250 [0.50] Business Policy
COST*4600 [0.50] International Marketing
1.00 or 1.50 electives
List A -Restricted Electives (choose 2 from any 1 subgroup)

These courses have been selected to help students broaden their international and cross-cultural perspectives.

French Language Courses
FREN*1100 [0.50] Basic French: Listening
FREN*1110 [0.50] Elementary French
FREN*1200 [0.50] French Language I
FREN*2020 [0.50] France: Literature and Society
FREN*2030 [0.50] French Language II
FREN*2060 [0.50] Quebec: Literature and Society
FREN*3530 [0.50] Business French
German Language Courses
GERM*1100 [0.50] Introductory German I
GERM*1110 [0.50] Introductory German II
GERM*2400 [0.50] Contemporary Germany
GERM*2490 [0.50] Intermediate German I
History and Politics Courses
EURO*1050 [0.50] The Emergence of a United Europe
EURO*2070 [0.50] European Integration, 1957-1992
HIST*1150 [0.50] 20th-Century Global History
HIST*2510 [0.50] The Emergence of Modern European Society 1789-1945
HIST*2910 [0.50] History of Modern Asia
HIST*3090 [0.50] Nationalism and Internationalism in Europe 1914-1957
POLS*1500 [0.50] World Politics
POLS*2100 [0.50] The State in Comparative Perspective
POLS*3080 [0.50] Politics of Latin America
POLS*3280 [0.50] Modern Political Ideologies
POLS*3460 [0.50] Communism and Post-Communism
POLS*3890 [0.50] Government and Politics of India
POLS*3920 [0.50] Modern China
Italian Language Courses
ITAL*1060 [0.50] Introductory Italian I
ITAL*1070 [0.50] Introductory Italian II
ITAL*2060 [0.50] Intermediate Italian I
ITAL*2070 [0.50] Intermediate Italian II
Spanish Language Courses
SPAN*1100 [0.50] Introductory Spanish
SPAN*1110 [0.50] Intermediate Spanish
SPAN*2000 [0.50] Spanish Language I
SPAN*2010 [0.50] Spanish Language II
SPAN*2040 [0.50] Spanish Civilization
List B - Restricted Electives (choose 2)

This group of courses encourages students to increase their fundamental background and/or add to business applications.

AGEC*4410 [0.50] Sales and Sales Management
COST*2100 [0.50] Personal Financial Management
COST*2300 [0.50] Technology and the Consumer
HTM*3000 [0.50] Human Resources Management
POLS*1400 [0.50] Public Management and Administration
POLS*2250 [0.50] Public Administration
SOC*1100 [0.50] Sociology
One of:
PHIL*2100 [0.50] Critical Thinking
PHIL*2600 [0.50] Business and Professional Ethics