2007-2008 University of Guelph Undergraduate Calendar

IX. Scholarships and Other Awards

Bachelor of Arts and Science

In-course Scholarships

Bill Taylor Memorial Scholarship [I0280]
Applications to include a supporting letter from a coach or intramural supervisor. Apply to Student Financial Services by April 1.
AMF Canada Ltd.
Qualification(s): Full-time student who has completed a minimum of 7.5 credits, but no more than 17.5 credits in the Winter term who has a cumulative 80% average or who is in the top 10% of his/her program. The recipient must have demonstrated responsibility and leadership qualities through participation in intramural or intercollegiate athletics.
Amount: 1 award of $900
CFRU Volunteer Award [I0215]
Apply to the CFRU Board of Governors by April 30.
Station Manager, CFRU
Qualification(s): Applicants must be registered or graduating from the University of Guelph and have volunteered at CFRU for at least one year. The recipients will be selected on the basis of academic performance and volunteer work at CFRU.
Amount: 2 awards of $250
Class of 1970 Scholarship [I0424]
Established by the Silver Anniversary celebrants to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the University Class of 1970. This award rotates among all six colleges on the main campus. The appropriate College Award Committee selects the candidate each Fall semester and the candidate is announced each October. Application not required.
Class 1970: 25th Reunion Gift
Qualification(s): Outstanding student in any degree program who has attained at least an 80% average in two consecutive semesters resulting in placement on the Deans' Honours List.
Amount: 1 award of $1,400
Collins Barrow Award [I0040]
Offered by Collins Barrow, a national firm of Chartered Accountants. Awarded in the Winter semester. Application not required.
Collins Barrow Chartered Accountants
Qualification(s): Student with the highest grade in course BUS*3330, Intermediate Accounting, in the Fall semester. In the event of a tie, the scholarship will be given to the student with the highest cumulative average in their program.
Amount: 1 award of $500
David F. Boyes Apiculture Scholarship [I0031]
Established in memory of David Boyes a technician in the Apiculture Field Laboratory. Application not required.
The Apiculture Club
Qualification(s): Student registered in the Fall semester who achieves high academic standing in Introductory Apiculture (ENVB*2210) in the previous year, demonstrates an interest in apiculture and who has participated in extracurricular activities.
Amount: 1 award of $150
Deans' Scholarships [I0323]
Offered by the Board of Governors. Recipients will be selected by each of the College Awards Committees. Winners will be notified in the Fall semester. Application not required.
Board of Governors
Qualification(s): Students registered in any degree program. The primary academic criteria is placement on the Deans' Honours List for two consecutive semesters, excluding semesters 7 and 8 or Phase 4 of the D.V.M. program, in the previous Fall/Winter/Summer sequence.
Amount: 150 awards of $1,000
Edward Johnson Music Foundation Scholarship [I0608]
This scholarship supports the mission of the Edward Johnson Music Foundation to ensure that young people have access to the best musical education possible and to recognize the vital role of music in the fabric of our lives and communities. Selection will be based on musical and scholastic achievements and contributions to the University of Guelph communities through performance and music education. Apply to the Department of Music by April 1 with a letter or C.V. listing musical contributions.
Edward Johnson Music Foundation
Qualification(s): Students in an Honours degree program with a declared major or minor in Music, who have completed a minimum of 10.0 credits towards their degree and who have a minimum cumulative average of 80% in MUSC courses.
Amount: 1 award of $500
Governor General's Medal [C0044]
Established by the Office of the Governor General of Canada. Application not required.
The Chancellery
Qualification(s): Restricted to those undergraduate students in any degree program who are graduating in June, or who have graduated in the previous two convocations, with the highest cumulative average.
Amount: 1 Silver medal
International Undergraduate Scholarship [I0577]
Established through a student referendum approved by the undergraduate student body, to recognize international students' academic merit along with involvement/leadership activities during their enrollment at the University of Guelph. Financial need will be considered only in the event of a tie. Apply to Student Financial Services, by April 1, with a letter indicating involvement/extracurricular activity since entry to the University, two academic and/or professional references, and a completed Financial Need Assessment Form (N.A.F.) for International Students form. This award can only be held once by the student.
International Student Organization (ISO)
Qualification(s): Full-time International students (defined as those paying full international student tuition without exemption), who have completed at least 4.0 course credits from the University of Guelph with a minimum cumulative average of 75%, and is registered at the time of application.
Amount: 1 award of $1,000
J.W. Skinner Medal in Social Science [C0260]
Established in honour of the many contributions of Dr. J.W. Skinner, a former Dean of the College of Social Sciences. Application not required.
Faculty, staff, alumni and students, of the former College of Social Science
Qualification(s): Presented to the C.S.A.H.S. Winegard Medal nominee.
Amount: 1 Medal
John Eccles Scholarship [I0093]
Nominations, accompanied by appropriate resumes, are to be submitted to Student Financial Services by April 1.
Student Housing Services
Qualification(s): Full-time student registered in semester 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 and living in residence in the Winter semester who has a cumulative 80% average or who is in the top 10% of his/her program. The recipient must have demonstrated responsibility and leadership qualities through participation in residence related activities. Residence Life Staff and paid members of Interhall Council and Hall Councils are not eligible.
Amount: 1 award of $600
Kenneth W. Hammond Award [I0045]
The evaluation of the student will be based on the final essay in the "Environmental Perspectives and Human Choice: 5000 Days" course. The selection committee will be comprised of 4 persons: the donor, the Director of the Arboretum, the Dean of Physical and Engineering Science and the Dean of Biological Science. Application not required.
Kenneth W. Hammond
Qualification(s): Student who has best demonstrated an understanding of the world's resource situation and its proper use by humankind.
Amount: 1 award of $1,000
Kip Hunter Prize [I0139]
For the best essay, written by an undergraduate in a philosophy course. The essay may be either a required assignment for a course (in which case either the student or the instructor may submit it) or it may be specially prepared for the competition. Submission of essays is to the Chair, Department of Philosophy, by the end of the 12th week of the Winter semester.
Faculty, students and staff of the Philosophy Department
Qualification(s): Any undergraduate who has registered for a philosophy course during the academic year in which the prize is awarded.
Amount: 1 Book prize
Lambda Foundation Scholarship in LBGT Studies [I0591]
This award is provided to encourage research on the subject of lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgendered (LBGT) peoples. The scholarship is based upon areas of research pertaining to the history, contributions, and issues by or about LBGT peoples. Preference will be given to an applicant who is involved in the LBGT community as demonstrated by a record of volunteer activities, active civil society memberships, or as attested by a letter of recommendation from a community group, or evidenced by related previous academic pursuits. This scholarship may be awarded to a given student only once. Projects must have been completed or research proposals accepted within the past calendar year. Apply to the Dean of Arts by December 15th including the research proposal or completed project, curriculum vitae, and any supporting letters referencing involvement in the LBGT community and/or faculty support.
Lambda Foundation and other donors
Qualification(s): Students enrolled in a program with a thesis, a research essay, independent research project or course work programs pertaining to lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgendered (LBGT) studies, as broadly defined by the applicant.
Amount: 1 award of $1,000
Leonard Conolly Exchange Student Scholarship [I0446]
Established by students, faculty, staff and friends to honour Prof. Leonard Conolly, professor of drama, Chair of the Department of Drama, 1981-88, and Associate Vice-President Academic, 1988-1992. Apply to the Centre for International Programs by April 5, for visiting during the subsequent Fall or Winter semesters. Selection, by the Centre for International Programs, will be based on assessment of (a) a one-page submission describing the significance of the student visiting Guelph to the program of study at the partner exchange university (b) two faculty references of one-page each, and (c) consistent high performance in the course work completed, as documented by a transcript of program grades to date, submitted by the home university.
Students, staff, faculty and friends of Dr. Leonard Connolly
Qualification(s): Full-time visiting exchange undergraduate or graduate student, registered at Guelph for at least one semester, from any country in the South (a list of eligible countries and exchange partner universities is available in the Centre for International Programs).
Amount: 1 award of $1,000
Marion McKenzie Prizes for Outstanding Achievement in History [I0470]
These prizes have been established in memory of Marion McKenzie (1905-1994), a teacher who had a love of learning and a continuing curiosity about the world both past and present. These are awarded to the top student in each of the required core courses in the History program (HIST*1010, HIST*2450, HIST*2602). Application not required.
Qualification(s): The recipient for HIST*1010 must have completed no more than 5.0 credits; the recipient for HIST*2450, no more than 10.0 credits and be in the history program; and the recipient for HIST*2602, no more than 10.0 credits.
Amount: 3 awards of $250
Priscilla and Stanford Reid Trust Prize [I0597]
Established in honour the first chair of the History Department, Stanford Reid, and his wife, Priscilla Reid to acknowledge the best paper written about the history of Presbyterianism and/or the Reformed tradition. Apply, by April 1, with a copy of the paper and a covering letter including contact information to the Department of History Awards Chair.
Priscilla and Stanford Reid Trust Fund
Qualification(s): Any student submitting an essay on the history of Presbyterianism and/or Reformed tradition.
Amount: 1 award of $500
Stephanie Wilken Volunteer Award [I0449]
Established by the Wilken family in memory of Stephanie Wilken, BA 1995. Apply to Student Financial Services with letter indicating the kind and extent of volunteer activities at the Wellness Centre by October 1. Selection committee is the Senate Committee on Awards on the recommendation of the Student Wellness Educator at the Wellness Centre.
Bev and Darlene Wilken
Qualification(s): Student registered in any undergraduate degree program, who has been a volunteer for at least two semesters at the Wellness Centre. The recipient will be selected on the basis of academic performance in all courses to date and volunteer work at the Wellness Centre.
Amount: 1 award of $1,000
The Jack and Lillian MacDonald Scholarship [E0379]
Family, friends, and colleagues of Lillian MacDonald and Dr. Jack MacDonald, Vice-President, Academic, of the University of Guelph from 1986 to 1995, have established a scholarship that recognizes their commitment to increasing the accessibility of post-secondary education to aboriginal persons. Apply by letter to Student Financial Services by April 1.
Jack and Lillian MacDonald
Qualification(s): In the first instance, the award will be given to an entering student coming from the Grand River Polytechnical Institute (GRPI) and who has received the highest cumulative average in the Native University Access Program. If there is no entering student in any one year, the scholarship will be awarded to the in-course student who is a graduate of the GRPI who has the highest cumulative average at the University.
Amount: 1 award of $900
Thomas H. Peters Scholarship [I0233]
Application not required.
Friends and associates of Thomas H. Peters
Qualification(s): Student in any academic program of the University who has completed courses in Land Reclamation (e.g. CROP*2280, SOIL*3200), with a minimum 10.0 credits completed. Applicants must have a minimum of 70% cumulative average and have demonstrated an interest and aptitude in the area of crops and land reclamation.
Amount: 1 award of $250
Toronto District Beekeeper's Association Scholarship [I0285]
A scholarship is offered by the Toronto District Beekeepers Association in memory of the late Hugh McLeod, past chair of the Association. Application not required.
Mr. Jack Robinson
Qualification(s): The recipient will have good academic standing, have participated in extracurricular activities, and demonstrated a keen interest in beekeeping.
Amount: 1 award of $500
United Steelworkers Local 4120 Scholarship [I0293]
Apply to Student Financial Services, by January 31.
United Steelworkers LU4120
Qualification(s): Student who is a member or former member, or who is from the immediate family of a member of United Steelworkers LU 4120, and who is entering semester 2, 3, or 4 of a degree or diploma program in the Winter semester. If there is more than one eligible candidate, the award will go to the one who has attained the highest relative class standing in his or her previous full-time semester, provided that a minimum of 70% standing is obtained.
Amount: 1 award of $1,000
Van Stralen and Van Der Hoeven Memorial Scholarship [I0296]
Application will be made by nominations signed by 4 currently registered students forwarded to Student Financial Services by April 1. Presentations are made in the Fall semester.
Mr. & Mrs. J. Van Stralen & family and Mr. & Mrs. Hans Van Der Hoeven & family
Qualification(s): Students that have completed a minimum of 2.0 credits, but not more than 7.5 in the Winter term in any degree program who have obtained a minimum of 70% standing. Selection will be made on the basis of participation in university activities and in the student's home community as well as qualities of leadership, ambition and initiative.
Amount: 2 awards of $400
W.C. Winegard Medal [C0311]
The W.C. Winegard Medal is the most prestigious graduating award of the University of Guelph. One student will be nominated by each College Awards Committee. The Senate Awards Committee will make the final selection and the medal will be awarded at Convocation in June. Application not required.
The Board of Governors' of the University
Qualification(s): Graduating student who excels both academically and in extracurricular activities.
Amount: 1 Gold medal
W.N. Vaughan Medal [C0299]
Prospective candidates will be nominated by Senators and the medal winner will be chosen by a committee selected by the Striking Committee. The medal will be awarded at Convocation in June. Application not required.
Friends of Walter N. Vaughan
Qualification(s): Student senator who has high academic standing and who has made a substantial contribution to student life and to the University, particularly through involvement in and commitment to Senate activities.
Amount: 1 Medal
Waterloo-Wellington CA Association Award [I0367]
Provided by the Waterloo-Wellington Chartered Accountant's Association. Awarded in the Winter semester. Application not required.
Waterloo-Wellington Chartered Accountants Association
Qualification(s): Student who achieves the highest academic standing in the course BUS*3330, Intermediate Accounting.
Amount: 1 award of $100
William Furlong Scholarship in Microeconomics [I0582]
The Department of Economics offers these scholarships in honour of Professor William Furlong, a long-term member of the Department of Economics and a leader in the scholarship of teaching principles of microeconomics, to the three students with the highest final grades in Introductory Microeconomics (ECON*1050) in the fall semester. Application not required.
Colleagues & Friends of Dr. William Furlong
Qualification(s): Full-time students enrolled in Introductory Microeconomics (ECON*1050)
Amount: 3 awards of $200