2007-2008 University of Guelph Undergraduate Calendar

X. Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Forest Science (FORS)

Department of Environmental Biology, Ontario Agricultural College

Minor (Honours Program)

A minor in Forest Science consists of 5.00 credits from the following courses:

BOT*2050 [0.50] Plant Ecology
ENVB*2030 [0.50] Current Issues in Forest Science
ENVB*4420 [0.50] Problems in Environmental Biology
ENVB*4780 [0.50] Forest Ecology
HORT*3260 [0.50] Woody Plants
Three of:
ENVB*3090 [0.50] Insect Diversity and Biology
GEOG*3110 [0.50] Biotic and Natural Resources
HORT*3340 [0.50] Culture of Plants
HORT*3350 [0.50] Woody Plant Production and Culture
PBIO*4100 [0.50] Soil Plant Relationships
PBIO*4530 [0.50] Environmental Pollution Stresses on Plants
Two of:*
AGEC*2700 [0.50] Survey of Natural Resource Economics
ENVB*3000 [0.50] Nature Interpretation
GEOG*3210 [0.50] Management of the Biophysical Environment
SOIL*3100 [0.50] Resource Planning Techniques
ZOO*4050 [0.50] Natural Resources Policy
ZOO*4410 [0.75] Field Ecology
* Resource Management majors may substitute SOIL*4110 for ZOO*4410