2007-2008 University of Guelph Undergraduate Calendar

X. Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture [B.Sc.(Agr.)]

Agriculture (AGR)

OAC Dean's Office

Minor (Honours Program)

The requirement of 5.00 credits for the minor is divided into 2 groups of courses, required courses and restricted electives. Students should ensure that they obtain the necessary prerequisites for required and restricted elective courses. Students should seek academic counselling from the B.Sc.(Agr) Program Counsellor early in their program. This minor is not open to students in the B.Sc.(Agr) Program.


A minimum of 5.00 credits is required including:

One of:
AGR*1250 [0.50] Agrifood System Trends & Issues
ENVB*2010 [0.50] Food Production and the Environment
Three of:
AGR*2320 [0.50] Soils in Agroecosystems
AGR*2350 [0.50] Animal Production Systems and Industry
AGR*2400 [0.50] Economics of the Canadian Food System
AGR*2470 [0.50] Introduction to Plant Agriculture
AGR*2500 [0.50] Field Trip in International Agriculture
EDRD*3400 [0.50] Sustainable Communities
FOOD*3070 [0.50] Introduction to Food Processing

3.00 credits from the following Elective List:

Note: At least 0.50 credits must be at the 4000 level and 1.00 credits at the 3000 level or higher.

CROP*3300 [0.50] Grain Crops
CROP*3310 [0.50] Protein and Oilseed Crops
CROP*3340 [0.50] Managed Grasslands
CROP*4220 [0.50] Cropping Systems
CROP*4240 [0.50] Weed Science
PBIO*3110 [0.50] Crop Physiology
Animal Science:
ANSC*2330 [0.50] Horse Management Science
ANSC*2340 [0.50] Structure of Farm Animals
ANSC*2360 [0.50] Challenges and Opportunities in Animal Production
ANSC*3080 [0.50] Agricultural Animal Physiology
ANSC*3150 [0.50] Principles of Farm Animal Care and Welfare
ANSC*4050 [0.50] Biotechnology in Animal Science
MBG*2000 [0.50] Introductory Genetics
MBG*3090 [0.50] Applied Animal Genetics
Environmental Biology:
ENVB*2040 [0.50] Plant Health and the Environment
ENVB*3030 [0.50] Pesticides and the Environment
ENVB*3040 [0.50] Natural Chemicals in the Environment
ENVB*3210 [0.50] Plant Pathology
ENVB*4100 [0.50] Applied Entomology
ENVB*4240 [0.50] Biological Activity of Pesticides
Horticultural Science:
HORT*3230 [0.50] Plant Propagation
HORT*3260 [0.50] Woody Plants
HORT*3280 [0.50] Greenhouse Production
HORT*3340 [0.50] Culture of Plants
HORT*4250 [0.50] Nursery Production
HORT*4300 [0.50] Postharvest Physiology
PBIO*3110 [0.50] Crop Physiology
PBIO*3750 [0.50] Plant Tissue Culture
Organic Agriculture:
AGEC*2300 [0.50] Organic Marketing
CROP*2050 [0.50] Gateway to Organic Agriculture
CROP*2110 [0.50] Crop Ecology
CROP*3130 [0.50] Tutorials in Organic Agriculture II
SOIL*3030 [0.50] Tutorials in Organic Agriculture 1
SOIL*4160 [0.50] Design of Organic Production Systems
Resource Management:
MET*2020 [0.50] Agrometeorology
MET*2030 [0.50] Meteorology and Climatology
MET*3050 [0.50] Microclimatology
SOIL*2120 [0.50] Introduction to Environmental Stewardship
SOIL*3000 [0.50] Environmental Issues in Agriculture and Landscape Management
SOIL*3050 [0.50] Land Utilization
SOIL*3080 [0.50] Soil and Water Conservation
SOIL*4090 [0.50] Soil Management
PBIO*4100 [0.50] Soil Plant Relationships