2007-2008 University of Guelph Undergraduate Calendar

XII. Course Descriptions

Landscape Architecture

School of Environmental Design and Rural Development

LARC*1100 Design and Communications Studio F (3-3) [0.75]
An introduction to the physical design professions with emphasis on the role of landscape architects. Emphasis on development of design awareness, process, communication skills and creativity.
Prerequisite(s): Registration in the B.L.A. program.
Restriction(s): Instructor consent required.
LARC*1210 Graphic Communication W (2-4) [0.50]
The communication process and its application to landscape architectural design are introduced. This course includes skills and techniques of graphic communication, from study sketches to final presentation drawings and media ranging from pencil graphics to multi-media presentations.
Restriction(s): Registration in the B.L.A. program.
LARC*1950 History of Cultural Form I F (4-0) [0.50]
This course explores the cultural form expressed in landscapes from ancient times to the 18th century Romantic movements. (Offered through distance education format only.)
LARC*2020 Design Studio W (2-4) [0.75]
An examination of the theory, process and vocabulary of spacial design. An exploration of the social, psychological, and behavioural forces a designer must respond to. An introduction to landscape analysis.
Prerequisite(s): LARC*1100
Restriction(s): Registration in the B.L.A. program.
LARC*2100 Landscape Analysis F (2-2) [0.50]
A study of biophysical factors and their influence on design. Including soils, climate, vegetation, hydrology, and fauna. Natural and cultural systems interpretation, site assessment methods, and data presentation techniques will be outlined. Students will formulate and conduct site assessments that include resource inventories and the analysis for land use suitability.
Prerequisite(s): BIOL*1030, LARC*2020
Co-requisite(s): LARC*3040 or registration in the U.L.M. B.Sc. (Agr.) program and 5.00 credits
LARC*2330 Planting Design I W (1-2) [0.25]
Visual and physical characteristics of plants and their use. Design theory and its application at a site specific scale. Study of the use of plants in a wide range of applications.
Co-requisite(s): LARC*2020
LARC*2340 Planting Design II F (1-2) [0.25]
Visual and physical characteristics of plants and their use. Design theory and its application at a site specific scale. Study of the use of plants in a wide range of applications.
Prerequisite(s): LARC*2330
LARC*2410 Site Engineering F (3-1) [0.50]
A focus on contour grading to facilitate circulation, stormwater runoff, and design intent. Aspects of surveying, plotting, as well as runoff and cut and fill calculations.
Prerequisite(s): LARC*2020, LARC*2420
LARC*2420 Materials and Techniques W (3-0) [0.50]
The study of materials commonly used for landscape construction. Specification of procedures and materials for contractual purposes. Detail drafting.
Prerequisite(s): LARC*1100
LARC*2820 Urban and Regional Planning W (3-0) [0.50]
Introduction to the evolution and history of planning and its conceptual base. A study of the theoretical foundations of planning. Emphasis on the Canadian scene and on Canadian planning literature.
LARC*2950 History of Cultural Form II W (4-0) [0.50]
This course follows History of Cultural Form I (LARC*1950) and explores the cultural form of 19th century reform period through to contemporary design developments. (Offered through distance education format only.)
LARC*3040 Site Planning and Design Studio F (2-4) [0.75]
Application of the site planning process, including programming, site analysis, functional analysis and diagramming. Application of design theory and landscape analysis to site design.
Prerequisite(s): LARC*2020
Co-requisite(s): HORT*3260, LARC*2100
LARC*3050 Landscape Architecture I W (2-4) [0.75]
Lectures and projects emphasizing the integration of design theory, skills and knowledge using site scale and urban design projects. Highlighting the use of contemporary history.
Prerequisite(s): LARC*3040
LARC*3060 Landscape Architecture II F (2-4) [0.75]
Application of the landscape architectural design process to conservation, development and rehabilitation of landscapes. Projects at an intermediate scale focusing on biophysical, cultural and visual resources as primary design determinants. Emphasis on secondary research, analysis, program development, alternative concepts and design master planning.
Prerequisite(s): LARC*3050
LARC*3070 Landscape Architecture III F (2-6) [1.00]
Exercises in regional scale design and master planning to provide an understanding of the integrative design process that considers ecological, technological, socio-economic, human and aesthetic factors in the land development process. Projects focus on land planning, community design, urban design, and public involvement and communication.
Prerequisite(s): LARC*3060
LARC*3430 Landscape Construction I W (2-4) [0.50]
Lectures and studio exercises that integrate construction documentation with design. The technical procedures needed to direct design implementation including layout, grading, utility design, and planting plans.
Prerequisite(s): LARC*2410
LARC*3440 Landscape Construction II F (2-4) [0.75]
Production of construction drawings, documents and cost estimates using computer and manual techniques.
Prerequisite(s): LARC*3430
Co-requisite(s): LARC*3060
LARC*3500 Independent Study S,F,W (0-6) [0.50]
Each student establishes, in consultation with the faculty member chosen, the content of special study within the area of expertise of that instructor.
Prerequisite(s): LARC*3040
LARC*4090 Seminar W (3-0) [0.50]
An integrated overview of professional issues involving practice, ethics, environmental concerns, government policy, research needs and professional responsibilities to society. Emphasis on writing and oral presentations.
Prerequisite(s): LARC*3060
LARC*4101 Design Thesis F (1-2) [0.50]
First part of the two-semester course LARC*4101/2. Refer to LARC*4101/2 for course description.
Prerequisite(s): LARC*3050, LARC*3440
LARC*4101/2 Design Thesis F-W [1.50]
The fall semester consists of the study of research methods, research, writing and presentations on individually selected topics. The student uses this work to complete an individual landscape design or planning project in the winter. Each student is to integrate the knowledge and demonstrate the skills acquired in preceding courses in a professional manner. This is a two-semester course offered over consecutive semesters. When you select it you must select LARC*4101 in the first semester and LARC*4102 in the second semester. A grade will not be assigned to LARC*4101 until LARC*4102 has been completed.
Prerequisite(s): LARC*3050, LARC*3440
LARC*4102 Design Thesis W (2-6) [1.00]
Second part of the two-semester course LARC*4101/2. Refer to LARC*4101/2 for course description.
Prerequisite(s): LARC*4101
LARC*4520 Park and Recreation Administration W (3-0) [0.50]
A study of the major objectives, policies and administrative practices of the principal park and recreation agencies at various levels of government, with an emphasis on trends and implications for future roles and administrative policies of these agencies. (Offered in odd-numbered years.)
Prerequisite(s): 1.00 credits at the 2000 level in social sciences or three semesters of the B.L.A. program
LARC*4610 Professional Practice F (3-0) [0.50]
Lectures and assignments dealing with professional ethics, organizations, contract law and procedures, relationships with clients, contractors and professional practitioners, office procedure and professional promotion practices and trends.
Prerequisite(s): LARC*3050
LARC*4620 Internship in Landscape Architecture S,F,W (0-10) [1.00]
An experiential learning opportunity requiring professional office experience and faculty supervision under program regulations. Actual work experience for academic credit. Students are required to submit a project or paper as part of the course requirements.
Prerequisite(s): LARC*3060, LARC*3440
LARC*4730 Special Study in Landscape Architecture F (0-4) [0.50]
Supervised independent study involving competitions, special projects, modules, and other formats.
Prerequisite(s): LARC*3050
LARC*4740 Case Studies S,F,W (0-6) [0.50]
Travel and field studies of selected projects as approved by a faculty member. Students are required to submit a project or paper.
Prerequisite(s): LARC*3040