XII. Course Descriptions

Population Medicine

Department of Population Medicine

POPM*3240 Epidemiology F (3-0) [0.50]
The course examines the basic concepts of health and disease in populations. Methods used in descriptive and analytic epidemiological studies, including the design, analysis and interpretation of results for observational studies and field trials are presented.
Prerequisite(s): (1 of BIOL*1040, BIOL*1080, BIOL*1090), STAT*2040
Restriction(s): This is a Priority Access Course and some restrictions may apply during some time periods. Please see the Department of Population Medicine website for more information.
POPM*4040 Epidemiology of Food-borne Diseases F (3-0) [0.50]
This course examines the epidemiology and prevention of foodborne infections and intoxications, including those of both microbiological and chemical origin. Drawing on outbreak investigations, surveys, risk assessments, government surveillance systems and basic research, the biological, ecological, socio-economic and public health context of these diseases will be discussed.
Prerequisite(s): 1 of FOOD*3230, POPM*3240
Restriction(s): FOOD*4210
POPM*4230 F (3-0) [0.50]
This course examines the causes and effects of important diseases of food animals in Canada, with a focus on dairy cattle. Elements of physiology, epidemiology, microbiology, nutrition, and production management are integrated into a health management approach emphasizing disease prevention. The course is directed at senior undergraduate students with interest in and knowledge of, food animal production agriculture.
Prerequisite(s): ANSC*2340 or ANSC*3080
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