XI. Special Study Opportunities

Certificates and Diplomas

Certificate in Scottish Studies

Delivered through distance education, the Certificate in Scottish Studies is focused around the landscape, literature, and history of Scotland and the legacy of Scottish migration on Canada’s development. By bringing together a number of Scottish and Scottish-related courses, the Certificate offers learners a distinctive interdisciplinary program of study. The Certificate in Scottish Studies comprises courses that are offered to both undergraduate students and open learners. To earn the Certificate, students will be required to successfully complete 2.5 credits from the following courses:

Required Courses

HIST*2000*DE [0.50] The British Isles, 1066-1603
HIST*4050*DE [1.00] Topics in Scottish History
One course from:
HIST*3030*DE [0.50] Celtic Britain and Ireland to 1066
HIST*3530*DE [0.50] Celtic Britain and Ireland Since 1603
One course from:
ENGL*3360*DE [0.50] Scottish Literary Cultures
ENVS*2050*DE [0.50] The Landscape of Scotland
HIST*3140*DE [0.50] Witch-hunts and Popular Culture

Students who wish to enrol in the Certificate in Scottish Studies should contact the Open Learning program Counsellor at the Centre for Open Learning and Educational Support (ext. 56050). For more information, please visit the website at: http://www.scottishcertificate.com/.

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