XII. Course Descriptions

Italian Studies

School of Languages and Literatures

Note: Literary texts are, at all levels, studied in the original language. Students registering in these courses will be expected to have the appropriate knowledge.

ITAL*1060 Introductory Italian I F,W (4-0) [0.50]
This is a beginning course in Italian providing the fundamentals of grammar, structure and idiom. Introduction to aspects of Italian life and culture through audio-visual aids.
Offering(s): Also offered through Distance Education format.
Restriction(s): Not available to students who have credit for 4U Italian or equivalent.
Department(s): School of Languages and Literatures
ITAL*1070 Introductory Italian II W (3-1) [0.50]
This course is a continuation of ITAL*1060. In addition to basic grammar and composition, texts from contemporary culture are introduced.
Prerequisite(s): ITAL*1060
Restriction(s): This course may not be taken by students who have OAC Italian or equivalent.
Department(s): School of Languages and Literatures
ITAL*2050 Introduction to Literature F (2-1) [0.50]
This course introduces students to the scholarly study of literature, including critical commentaries. The course focuses on the notion of a European literary tradition in which works by German and Italian authors are key. The lectures are in English, but students taking the course under this code will read texts originally written in Italian in the original language and German works in Italian translation. Students will submit some work in Italian.
Prerequisite(s): ITAL*2090
Restriction(s): GERM*2050.
Department(s): School of Languages and Literatures
ITAL*2090 Intermediate Italian F (5-0) [1.00]
An intensive language course that continues the grammar begun at the introductory level while introducing additional speaking, listening, and writing practice.
Prerequisite(s): ITAL*1070
Restriction(s): ITAL*2060, ITAL*2070
Department(s): School of Languages and Literatures
ITAL*3060 Advanced Italian W (3-0) [0.50]
This course will combine Italian grammar, composition, and translation with Italian literature and film. While addressing aspects of modern and contemporary Italian literature, history and culture, the course will teach students to understand spoken Italian, to converse, and to communicate in written Italian at an advanced level.
Prerequisite(s): ITAL*2070 or ITAL*2090
Department(s): School of Languages and Literatures
ITAL*3150 Medieval Italian Literature F (3-0) [0.50]
A study of Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio.
Offering(s): Offered in even-numbered years.
Prerequisite(s): ITAL*2090
Department(s): School of Languages and Literatures
ITAL*3400 Renaissance Lovers and Fools W (3-0) [0.50]
In this course, students will read Italian Renaissance plays such as Machiavelli's "The Mandrake" and Bibbiena's "Calandria" with special attention to the portrayals of lovers and fools. The course will place particular emphasis on representations of class and gender relations. Additional readings in medieval literature, history, and critical theory will provide background and context for the plays. Lectures and texts are in English. Students registered in ITAL*3400 will meet a fourth hour per week to discuss texts in Italian. This course is offered in conjunction with HUMN*3400.
Prerequisite(s): ITAL*2090
Co-requisite(s): HUMN*3400
Restriction(s): ITAL*2100, HUMN*2100
Department(s): School of Languages and Literatures
ITAL*4900 Research Paper in Italian Studies F,W (3-0) [0.50]
This is a research project on some aspect of Italian language, literature, or thought. The topic must be approved by the section; the paper will be written under the regular guidance of a faculty advisor.
Prerequisite(s): ITAL*3060, ITAL*3150, ITAL*3400
Department(s): School of Languages and Literatures
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