X. Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Environmental Geoscience and Geomatics (EGG)

Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences

This program provides opportunities for study of the processes and properties of the biophysical environment and a core foundation in the analytical techniques (i.e. Geographical Information Science and Remote Sensing) used for their interpretation, analysis and presentation.

Graduates of the program that select courses required for a ‘Professional Geoscientist’ will meet the academic requirements for eligibility for membership as an Environmental Geoscientist in the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (APGO), allowing for use of the designation P. Geo. Ontario’s legislation under the Professional Geoscientists Act, 2000 (the Act), requires registration with the APGO of anyone wishing to practice geoscience in Ontario. Details on the course requirements for APGO membership can be found on the Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics website:

Major (Honours Program)

Students may enter this major in Semester 1 or any semester thereafter. A student wishing to declare the major may wish to consult with a B.Sc. Faculty Advisor in the Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics. All students are encouraged to consult with the advisor on a regular basis.

The major will require the completion of 20.00 credits as indicated below:

Semester 1
BIOL*1070 [0.50] Discovering Biodiversity
CHEM*1040 [0.50] General Chemistry I
GEOG*1350 [0.50] Earth: Hazards and Global Change
PHYS*1080 [0.50] Physics for Life Sciences
One of:
MATH*1080 [0.50] Elements of Calculus I
MATH*1200 [0.50] Calculus I
Students who are lacking one 4U /grade 12 course in Biology, Chemistry or Physics must take the equivalent introductory course in first semester. The required first-year science courses in that subject should be completed according to the revised schedule of studies available at: https://www.uoguelph.ca/bsc/revised_SS
Semester 2
BIOL*1090 [0.50] Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology
CHEM*1050 [0.50] General Chemistry II
GEOG*1300 [0.50] Introduction to the Biophysical Environment
PHYS*1130 [0.50] Physics with Applications
0.50 Arts or Social Science electives* (GEOG*1220 is recommended)
Semester 3
ENVS*2240 [0.50] Fundamentals of Environmental Geology
GEOG*2000 [0.50] Geomorphology
GEOG*2420 [0.50] The Earth From Space
GEOG*2480 [0.50] Mapping and GIS
0.50 Arts or Social Science electives*
Semester 4
GEOG*2110 [0.50] Climate and the Biophysical Environment
GEOG*2210 [0.50] Environment and Resources
STAT*2040 [0.50] Statistics I
One of:
CIS*1200 [0.50] Introduction to Computing
CIS*1500 [0.50] Introduction to Programming
MATH*1210 [0.50] Calculus II
MATH*2080 [0.50] Elements of Calculus II
0.50 approved Science electives*
Semester 5
GEOG*3000 [0.50] Fluvial Processes
GEOG*3110 [0.50] Biotic and Natural Resources
One of:
GEOG*3020 [0.50] Global Environmental Change
GEOG*3090 [0.50] Gender and Environment
GEOG*3210 [0.50] Management of the Biophysical Environment
1.00 electives, at least 0.50 from approved Science electives*
Semester 6
GEOG*3420 [0.50] Remote Sensing of the Environment
GEOG*3480 [0.50] GIS and Spatial Analysis
GEOG*3610 [0.50] Environmental Hydrology
1.00 electives, at least 0.50 from approved Science electives*
Semester 7
GEOG*4110 [1.00] Environmental Systems Analysis
1.50 electives, at least 0.50 from approved Science electives* (GEOG*4690 is recommended)
Semester 8
GEOG*4150 [0.50] Catchment Processes
GEOG*4480 [1.00] Applied Geomatics
1.00 Approved Science electives*
Credit Summary (20.00 Total Credits)

4.50 - First year science credits

8.50 - Required science courses semesters 3 – 8

1.00 - Required social science courses semesters 3 – 8

3.00 - Approved Science electives

1.00 - Arts and/or Social Science electives

2.00 - Free electives - any approved elective for B.Sc. students.

Of the total credits required, students are required to complete 16.00 credits in science of which 2.00 credits must be at the 4000 level and an additional 4.00 credits must be at the 3000 or 4000 level.

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