X. Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Arts, Culture and Heritage Management (ACHM)

This minor prepares students for careers in the management of the artistic and cultural sectors. By examining arts, culture and heritage institutions, business models and consumer trends, students develop and demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between culture and society, cultural economies and the arts both globally and in the Canadian context. Attention is given to visual culture, film and theatre, sound/ music, heritage, management, law, marketing, communications and ethics. The experiential component allows students to gain practical experience in the field of their choice. The minor in Arts, Culture and Heritage Management guides students to an understanding of the pertinent questions at stake in today’s entrepreneurial and diverse cultural environments.

Minor (Honours Program)

A minimum of 5.00 credits is required including:

HUMN*1300 [0.50] Fundamentals of Arts Management I
HUMN*2300 [0.50] Fundamentals of Arts Management II
HROB*2010 [0.50] Foundations of Leadership
MGMT*2150 [0.50] Introduction to Canadian Business Management
Note: B.Comm students interested in this minor must substitute MGMT*2150 with 0.50 additional credits from the Arts and Culture list below.
1.00 credit from Arts and Culture
ANTH*2660 [0.50] Contemporary Indigenous Peoples in Canada
ANTH*3650 [0.50] The Anthropology of Indigenous Peoples Before Canada
ARTH*2060 [0.50] Indigenous Arts in the Americas
ARTH*2120 [0.50] Introduction to Museology
ARTH*2220 [0.50] The Visual Arts Today
ARTH*2290 [0.50] History of Photographic Media
ARTH*3010 [0.50] Contemporary Canadian Art
ARTH*3060 [0.50] Public Art
ARTH*3520 [0.50] Idea: Art Since 1950
ARTH*3620 [0.50] Museum Studies
ENGL*3380 [0.50] Studies in the History of Literary Production
EURO*1100 [0.50] European Cinema
FREN*3140 [0.50] Women in Literature, Art and Film
FREN*3160 [0.50] Songs, Lyrics and Poetry in French
HIST*3260 [0.50] Cinema and the Moving Image
HIST*3450 [0.50] The Uses of History
MUSC*2030 [0.50] Music in Canada
MUSC*2150 [0.50] Music and Popular Culture
MUSC*2270 [0.50] World Music
SART*1150 [0.50] Contemporary Artistic Practice
THST*2500 [0.50] Contemporary Cinema
THST*3530 [0.50] Canadian Cinema
THST*4240 [0.50] Theatrical Organization and Culture
WMST*2000 [0.50] Women and Representation
1.00 credit from Organizational Management
ACCT*1220 [0.50] Introductory Financial Accounting
ACCT*2230 [0.50] Management Accounting
EDRD*4120 [0.50] Leadership Development in Small Organizations
HROB*2090 [0.50] Individuals and Groups in Organizations
HROB*3010 [0.50] Compensation Systems
HROB*3050 [0.50] Employment Law
HROB*3070 [0.50] Recruitment and Selection
HROB*3090 [0.50] Training and Development
HROB*3100 [0.50] Developing Management and Leadership Competencies
HROB*4060 [0.50] Human Resource Planning
HTM*1700 [0.50] Foodservice Management
HTM*2070 [0.50] Event Management
MCS*1000 [0.50] Introductory Marketing
MCS*2100 [0.50] Personal Financial Management
MCS*3000 [0.50] Advanced Marketing
0.50 additional credits from Ethics and Communication.
EDRD*2020 [0.50] Interpersonal Communication
EDRD*3140 [0.50] Organizational Communication
EDRD*3160 [0.50] International Communication
MGMT*3020 [0.50] Corporate Social Responsibility
PHIL*2100 [0.50] Critical Thinking
PHIL*2120 [0.50] Ethics
PHIL*2600 [0.50] Business and Professional Ethics
0.50 additional credits from Experiential Learning.
ARTH*4800 [0.50] Experiential Learning
CLAS*3700 [0.50] Experiential Learning and Language
EURO*3700 [0.50] Experiential Learning and Language
FREN*3700 [0.50] Experiential Learning and Language
GERM*3700 [0.50] Experiential Learning and Language
HIST*3480 [0.50] Workplace Learning
ITAL*3700 [0.50] Experiential Learning and Language
SART*3800 [0.50] Experiential Learning I
SPAN*3700 [0.50] Experiential Learning and Language
THST*3000 [0.50] Experiential Learning
THST*3010 [0.50] Experiential Learning
Note:ANTH*3950, ANTH*4880, ASCI*3700, ASCI*4700, ASCI*4710, HIST*4470, HUMN*3190, HUMN*4190, MGMT*4050, MUSC*4200 can be counted toward the 0.50 credits in experiential learning if the proposed project is related to arts, culture and heritage management. Please consult the faculty advisor for the minor for details.

At least 1.00 credits must be at 3000 level or higher.

Note: Some courses may also have prerequisites, identified in course descriptions in the academic calendar.

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