MPlan Admissions

Application Requirements

The program is open to:

  • Qualified graduates from relevant disciplines (minimum B- average) with 4-5 years of relevant experience. Relevant experience is determined by the admissions committee.
  • Graduates from a professional program in Planning, Landscape Architecture, Architecture or Engineering (minimum B+ average).

All applicants are required to demonstrate their specific interest in the program and their work and educational experience relating to rural planning and development.

For more information regarding application to the University of Guelph please refer to the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Website.

Statement of Interest

Your statement of research interest (separate from the one requested within the on-line application form) should outline: (a) your career goals; (b) the particular area of research you wish to pursue at the University of Guelph (what is it you want to research?); (c) its relationship to faculty expertise.


Please provide a current resume that gives a profile of your background and experience.

Application Summary

Please be aware that any material collected towards a graduate application, (for example transcripts, reference letters, etc.) must be dated within the past year.  Any material dated prior to a year from the application date will not be accepted.

Your application is not considered complete until all of these documents have been submitted.

Good academic standing alone will not guarantee entry to the Program. One of our faculty members must be interested in, and willing to supervise your research. It is therefore important that you state your research interests and goals clearly and succinctly.

Work experience in a related setting is also considered especially useful in applying theory to practice and to identify research needs and topics.

Limited funding assistance is available for students admitted to the program and as such this is a self-funded program.

Application Deadline

The MPlan program offers on-going admission into Spring, Fall, and Winter semesters, full-time study, with a thesis or major research paper option.

  • Fall semester – May 30th of each year (UPDATE:  deadline extended to June 30th for complete applicatons for F19 entry)
  • Winter semester – September  30th of each year
  • Summer semester – January 30th of each year

Scholarships and Funding

Please refer to the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website regarding Scholarships and Awards.