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The University of Guelph is dedicated to the twin goals of advancing knowledge through research and teaching, and sharing this knowledge with the world to “improve life”. We aspire to be the best comprehensive University in Canada.

Our faculty and scholars are committed to innovations in teaching and learning, and to world-class, transformative research. Our increasingly diverse student community is enthusiastic about applying its U of G-acquired knowledge to issues in the wider world. 

We offer an enriched, inclusive, and intellectually challenging faculty and student experience across three campuses. We create opportunities for international partnerships and engagement and translate knowledge into action through our collaboration with communities, industry and the public.

Learning is our passion. Sharing the results of this learning is our mission.

As provost and vice president (academic) of the University of Guelph and the chief academic officer, I hold responsibility for all academic programming, recruitment and retention of faculty and other academic staff. I also oversee the recruitment of students (undergraduate and graduate), and creating the academic environment and conditions for our faculty, staff, and students to thrive. Aligning the allocation of our budget resources with our academic mission and vision is also among my roles

I began my career at the University in 2015 as provost and vice-president academic and as a professor in political science. Prior to my time as Provost I spent 28 years at McMaster University as a professor of labour studies and political science, including seven years as Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences. I have continued to be an active graduate student advisor and researcher of the automotive industry and public policy, of women, equity and leadership, and of the changing nature of work.

The University of Guelph is a special place to learn. To find out for yourself, I invite you to visit our beautiful and welcoming campus that blends traditional and modern architecture with cutting-edge technology. To find out more, please explore our information-rich website. 

Key responsibilities of the provost and vice-president (academic):

  • promotes the academic mission of the University by advancing innovation in curriculum and program development, including program evaluation, professor recruitment and design of enrolment strategies; 
  • collaborates closely with associate vice-presidents, college deans and various directors in developing and implementing the University’s annual budget and in allocating University resources; and
  • administers University colleges, oversees numerous academic support units and chairs the Vice-President’s Academic Council.

Provost Position Profile

About Charlotte Yates

Charlotte Yates joined the University of Guelph in 2015. She served for seven years as dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at McMaster University, where she was a professor since 1987.

She studies labour relations and industrial policy, especially in the automotive industry, and is a frequent media commentator on labour issues.

BA, University of Winnipeg
MA, Queen’s University
PhD, Carleton University