Program Outline and Objectives

This course-based masters program runs for three semesters from September to August. The program trains students in statistics, programming, and data analysis approaches so as to manage, analyze, and interpret data from the life science disciplines. Students are required to complete a total of six courses in the first two semesters and conclude with a research project in the third semester (with an option to extend into the fourth semester). Applicants identify their advisor and research project during the program. Research projects are with university faculty as well as public and private sector partners. Most of the students in the program have earned life science BSc degrees.

Semester Breakdown

Semester Courses Total Credits (4.0)
Semester 1 BINF*6210 Software Tools for Biological Data Analysis and Organization 0.50
  BINF*6890 Topics in Bioinformatics 0.50
  Elective (BINF*6410 is highly recommended) 0.50
Semester 2 BINF*6110 Genomic Methods for Bioinformatics 0.50
  BINF*6970 Statistical Bioinformatics 0.50
  Elective (see list of approved courses) 0.50
Semester 3 BINF*6999 Bioinformatics Master’s Project 1.00
Semester 4 (optional) BINF*6999 Bioinformatics Master’s Project – Extension with possible stipend