John T. Powell Building

John T. Powell Building

The building houses Human Health & Nutritional Science, Family Relations & Applied Nutrition, Student Health Services and the Health & Performance Centre, built in 1973.

Study Spaces

Upper Hallway
This open space has 10 seats for students to study and is moderately quiet during class time. There is access to outlets.

Accessibility Information

auto door at main entrance off Reynolds Walk.
accessible entrance to the 2nd floor off of East Ring Rd.

keypad operated elevator to second floor in main entrance vestibule (code and key can be obtained from Student Health reception staff)

P12 off East Ring Road
visitor metered and medical parking in parking lot P15 (closest parking to accessible entrance off East Ring Rd)

Student Health: women’s washroom marked accessible to left of waiting area; men’s washroom to the back of the room, to the left; 2nd Floor: accessible stall in men’s and women’s washrooms; right off elevator, to end of hall