Student’s Responsibilities

Large group of students stand on a golf green with professor.

The following is the text from the Diploma Program Calendar Statement of Students’ Academic Responsibilities:

Your success as a student depends above all on your own response to the opportunities and responsibilities which the university environment provides. The University of Guelph is committed to supporting you in your intellectual development and responding to your individual needs. To this end, a broad network of advising, counselling, and support services is provided to assist you in meeting your personal and academic goals. At the same time, we recognize that, as a student here, you are responsible for:

  • Knowing the University's Learning Objectives (Section II--The University);
  • Familiarizing yourself with the Associate Diploma Regulations & Procedures (Section VIII) and understanding grading procedures and continuation of study regulations;
  • Selecting a program of study and meeting diploma requirements (Section X--Associate Diploma Programs) . This involves reviewing your personalized Program/Academic Evaluation (available on WedAdvisor), which lists the diploma requirements you have completed and those still outstanding;
  • Contacting your program counsellor, Associate Director or faculty advisor for appropriate approvals, for clarification of the University's rules and regulations, or for guidance in forming your educational goals and making academic plans. The name and location of your Program Counsellor/Associate Director is listed in Section VII--Academic Advising;
  • Attending first class meetings, obtaining course outlines, and meeting the course requirements as specified;
  • Familiarizing yourself with the Schedule of Dates (Section III) with particular attention to deadlines;
  • Referring to the procedures for Academic Consideration (Section VIII) and initiating action by consulting your program counsellor or Associate Director if extenuating circumstances affect your academic performance;
  • Understanding what constitutes Academic Misconduct (Section VIII) and abiding by the University's policy.
  • Adhering to any rules of conduct relating to health and safety, provided by an instructor or assistant, either on a course outline or in a class, laboratory or seminar.
  • Checking your assigned University of Guelph email account regularly for important communications. This account is the official conduit by which the University will notify you of events, deadlines, announcements concerning grades, student financial accounts and other official information.

To achieve your full potential within the University environment, you are encouraged to take advantage of the numerous extra-curricular opportunities provided by the University, balancing them with your academic commitments.