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6.Mills Hall

For 25 years, beginning in 1879, James Mills (1840-1924) directed the Ontario Agricultural College as Principal and, during that time, it changed in both stature and appearance. Mills launched the innovative Farmers' Institutes of Ontario in 1885 as an experiment in adult extension education and also successfully initiated the dairy short course in 1893. It was also Mills that negotiated degree-granting status with the University of Toronto in 1888. He won the College's first private-sector support for the construction of Massey Hall.

Mills was always known for setting high standards of conduct and morality for the young farmers who came to OAC and it is fitting that the former men's residence was named for him. Currently Mills Hall houses both young women and men.

There are two plaques; one is located outside on the left as you enter the front door, the other is located in the Common Room.