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BComm Program Overview

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In Lang’s BComm program, you will complete a variety of core business courses, giving you a base of transferable business skills in accounting, economics, management and marketing.


These core business skills will be essential as you dive head-first into your selected specialized major.

Our curriculum will teach you core business skills and concepts in a collaborative learning environment where you will work on real-world, applied projects with your classmates from other majors. By learning to work with people from other disciplines, you’ll gain interpersonal and communication skills needed in today’s workforce.






18 core courses; 40 courses total 


Using business to solve real-world problems 

During your first semester at Lang you will participate in the Great Ethical Dilemma case competition, putting your skills to the test. Working collaboratively with your peers, you will present ethical and responsible solutions to executives from real companies regarding a problem they could potentially face. 

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Your BComm Journey

At Lang, you will build a solid foundation of essential business skills and knowledge that you'll carry forward throughout the rest of your degree. You’ll sharpen your skills in critical thinking, communications, problem solving and leadership, and create lifelong memories and friends.



Year 1: Build your foundation


Learn the essential foundational business skills, like economics, marketing, and accounting and collaborate on projects with peers from other disciplines. The skills you learn and the friends you make in your first year are essential to your success in the remaining years of the program. If you chose the Undeclared option, you will select your specialization at the end of your 2nd semester.

Year 2: Jump into your specialization


After nailing the business basics during your first year, you’ll dive into your chosen specialization. It’s at this point you can declare your minor and engage in other activities outside of your core degree. If you haven’t done so already, you can declare a minor in another discipline, adding an additional skillset to your resume. Connect with your major’s student club – there’s one for every major and special interest!

Year 3: Apply your knowledge


In year 3, you’ll have lots of opportunities to apply in-class knowledge to real-world situations. These applied learning opportunities happen throughout your program but are significantly enhanced during your third and fourth year. For example, in our Business Consulting Course you will transform into a consultant, helping a local organization with a business or marketing challenge - no exam or textbooks required!

Year 4/5: Connect. Network. Launch.


Network yourself, attend employer information sessions, connect with our Business Career Development Centre and perfect your Career Toolkit to become career-ready. You’ll complete a capstone course that will bring your skills and training together in an applied and transformative way. Students who are in the co-op stream will be required to complete an additional year of studies.

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"Every single student I've met here at Lang is extremely passionate about what they do. They check their ego at the door and you can have a meaningful conversation with them and get to know them outside of your class."

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