“He taught men to think”; perhaps one of the greatest compliments anyone could pay to William Richard Graham (1875-1958). Known as ‘Prof’, Graham was appointed lecturer and head of the Department of Poultry, and held the position for 41 years. During that time, Graham had many significant research breakthroughs but, even more importantly, he inspired others and taught them to understand scientific methods and procedures. As evidence, many of his students went on to make major contributions in a variety of fields.

Graham’s own research made him famous, as he formulated a porridge for chicks that was used in the development of Pablum at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. Graham Hall was built in 1913 for poultry and nutritional research.

Accessibility Information


Entrance via Bovey Building, through three sets of doors; no auto doors


Freight elevator through doors from Bovey, in hall on left


P34 off South Ring Road extension


Unisex washroom on third floor; turn right off elevator