Built in 1882 by local stonemasons, this residence was built for the Professor of Agriculture, whose position was considered more important than that of the Principal or President of the Ontario Agricultural College. Originally built on the current site of Creelman Hall, the house was moved across College Ave. in 1912 by local “builder/mover” Reuben Rogers. Rogers and his team jacked up the house and transported it on blocks, rails and skids with all the furniture in place. Unbelievably, not a dish was cracked and the pendulum clock on the living room wall didn’t miss a beat during the move.

George Irving Christie (1928-1947) was the first President to occupy the house; previous to him, Presidents lived in an apartment in Johnston Hall. Mordechai Rozanski was the last President to occupy the house in 2003; it is now used as a site for official University functions.