Clubs and extracurricular activities

There is plenty to do at Ontario Veterinary College aside from your studies, including clubs with like-minded students on the same path you are.  


There are over 25 DVM-related student clubs on campus, overseen by the Central Veterinary Students’ Association (CVSA) for many topics of interest like the environment, diversity, surgery, and animal welfare to name a few. Clubs provide opportunities to broaden your education experience, networking and educational activities for its members to enhance and encourage a well-rounded education. 

For current students, a full list is available on the CVSA Intranet site (Note: requires UofG login). 

Join Your Student Government 

The Central Veterinary Students' Association is the representative body of all student veterinarians at the Ontario Veterinary College. The CVSA is responsible for all DVM Clubs, school-wide events like the Welcome BBQ and Coffeehouse, selling merchandise, and overseeing the activities of students within the college.  

The CVSA support OVC students by: 

  • Facilitating club events that provide continuing education opportunities 
  • Providing individual and group fundings through PDRs 
  • Expanding student involvement in the community through networking and fundraising events
  • Hosting social activities that are aimed to promote wellness and work-life balance