Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) in Pathobiology

About the Program

The MBS is a one-year coursework-based graduate program that may include a major research project. This research project is completed under the supervision of a Faculty Advisor. The MBS program is designed to provide students with graduate training over a shorter duration than the MSc program, and without the requirement of a full written thesis. Students entering the MBS program are often unsure of their desire to complete a thesis-based graduate degree or are upgrading their academic standing to increase their competitiveness for professional programs. For MBS students who gain or affirm an interest in academic research, there may be an opportunity to transfer directly into the MSc program at any point before their third semester, and earn a thesis-based MSc graduate degree.

Application Process

Faculty Advisors:

A faculty advisor is required before admission to the MBS program. This is normally done by contacting faculty members working in a research area of interest and securing their agreement to be an advisor before an application is submitted. 


Note that an advisor must be secured before the application is submitted.

Domestic Students Application Deadlines:

Fall: June 1              Winter: September 1                Summer: February  1

International Student Application Deadlines: 

Fall: March 1            Winter: July 1                           Summer: November 1


Degree Requirements

  • The MBS program requires 4.00 credits of coursework, including completion of a research project or a practicum placement. The program is typically completed in three semesters of full-time study. Research projects are varied in topic and scope and tailored to each student’s area of interest, determined in conjunction with a faculty advisor. Practicum experiences also vary in topic and nature, expose students to real-world applications of their areas of study, and connect them with employers in government agencies, consulting firms, and research organizations.
  • Students must obtain at least an overall weighted average of 'B-' in prescribed courses. Prescribed courses comprise at least 4.0 credits. For all MBS students, a prescribed course is BIOM*6900 Research Project in Biomedical Sciences or an applied practicum through BIOM*6910 Practicum in Biomedical Sciences.
  • Prescribed courses are selected in consultation with the advisor. All students are required to present a poster seminar as a component of BIOM*6900 Research Project in Biomedical Sciences or BIOM*6910 Practicum in Biomedical Sciences.
  • The program is completed when all components of BIOM*6900 Research Project in Biomedical Sciences or BIOM*6910 Practicum in Biomedical Sciences have been approved and the written report is considered satisfactory by the student's Advisory Committee.
  • See the current brochure on the OGPS Biomedical Science page

Contact MBS

Graduate Program Assistant: Jessie Beer 
Extension: N/A

To begin the application process or to review additional details, please visit the Graduate Studies website.


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