Student Feedback

"There's an old saying about those who forget history. I don't remember it, but it's good." - Stephen Colbert

After each restaurant event, the student group is asked to submit a summary of how the day went. Each team decides what the top five "Critical Incidents" were, in other words, what five circumstances or decisions most affected the running of their restaurant, good or bad. For instance if there was a big snow storm that day and half the reservations cancelled, that would obviously be their biggest "Critical Incident" Other examples would be a dessert not working out as planned, a purchasing issue or the unexpected early turnout of students to help on the day of the event.

The pages are intended to be used as a resource for upcoming restaurants. It's an opportunity to see what may or may not work for your event as well as mistakes and situations to avoid. There are also a lot of good ideas listed that other groups found improved the running of their event. Every restaurant event that PJ's has ever done is listed along with the food sales, guest count and a link to the restauarnt's daily menu. Click on the semester to browse the restaurant events for that season..

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