Student Feedback ~ Winter 2015

"Amy, good luck getting these guys excited about a dinner with a theme. I gave up when no one cared about my Tom Hanks-Giving" ~ Raj from Big Bang Theory

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January 22nd
From the Root Cellar (a fine dining event)   menu
Food Sales $1438, Alcohol Sales $283.50, 48 Guests
We didn't have enough servers around to take coats when guests arrived leading to a slight backlog, it would have been nice to be able to seat everyone more quickly. Secondly we modified some elements of our menu after the PO which caused an issue with one of our desserts. Thankfully we were well organized and had extra time to redo the dessert the next day. Additionally, having done a lot of prep work the week before our event lead to a fairly calm Thursday. When it came to service we had fairly smooth and quick transition between courses (there was never a big lull) which stemmed from effective communication between the front of house, expo, and kitchen. However, the timing of the kitchen tours wasn't the best. We should have had more earlier in the meal instead of during dessert when we had to wait for the tour to finish so we could send out our last table

January 29th
Voyage (a fine dining event)    menu
Food Sales $1898, Alcohol Sales $623.50, 62 Guests
We had a group of guests from the industry in. Were unfamiliar with the logistics of the class. Nerve racking group to have in but we rose to their expectations and met their expectations. Some of the servers had began to mise the their tables before the sorbet came out so the sorbet plates didn’t fit. Logistically would have worked but there was a miscommunication between FOH Manager and servers. In the future thinking about the finer details would allow for a smother service. Location of the amuse set of hinder communication between the Expo and KM. Moreover, in future have a more maneuverable expo station, to allow for that communication. Adjustments needed to be made to more than one of the recipes. Being proactive and knowing to make these recipes ahead of time allowed the management to adjust accordingly. Due to weather, the management group had to be more flexible with serving times and making sure those tables got all six courses.
February 4th
Caribbean Fresh     menu 
Food Sales $594.56, 54 Guests
Caribbean Fresh @ PJ’s was an enjoyable day to kick of the Wednesday lab group’s official restaurants. Many classmates showed up early to help with prep, everything went smoothly so we were easily ready to open at 11:30. We didn’t have as many reservations as we had planned for so that drove our costs up. However, the slower pace allowed us to do a very good job in the kitchen and really learn how to work together as a team. The line cooks did any amazing job, they were very united in their work, clearly communicating what needed to be done and everyone put their best foot forward. Thanks to some proactive thinking, the shrimp and vegetables for the linguine were pre-portioned to easily be thrown into the pasta. This really streamlined the pasta prep because it was already a labor-intensive dish. As a management team we could have been more prepared with a better understanding of the dishes and timing so that we didn’t have to be buried in so many papers of instructions. We also struggled with our purchase ordering right from the beginning. Therefore, we were short on eggs, basil and mint simple syrup which caused a few headaches during prep. At the end of the day our whole team was pleasantly surprised with how the day went and we actually had fun in the process!
February 5th
South of the Border     menu
Food Sales $605.28,  59 Guests
We were very excited to be the first group to go for the Thursday section, but also nervous. Our final guest count was low, but we had feared that it would have been lower than 59. This low guest count had both positive and negative effects. Firstly our servers were able to take better care of each table, and our line cooks were not as rushed in preparing their dishes. Consequently this had a negative effect on our overall cost of food. In order to improve this low reservation count our marketing effort could have been stronger and more involved with getting reservations. A major critical instance was our purchase order. In our rush to get started, we had used the old purchase order sheet, and therefore our purchase order was doomed from the start. On top of this we had estimated improper amounts for some of our items that did set us back a bit. Having the smallest section of the course this year was also an issue we needed to overcome, but everyone in was able to pull together and we hardly noticed the small number of staff. Furthermore, we placed staff in jobs according to their performance during the soft open and this helped make everyone more effective. Also thanks to Simon’s suggestions, our flow of food was very quick and smooth. Our average order time was always about less than 4 minutes, which we are very proud of. Overall, we had good organization and utilized the prep day to it fullest by staying on top of when things could be prepared. There was one small detail that we did forget, putting prices and nutritional info on our menu, but we were able to slightly remedy this. 
February 5th
Copacetic (a fine dining event)       menu
Food Sales $2044, Alcohol Sales $435,  65 Guests
Communication could have been improved prior to service between management team, which could have yielded a more productive prep day. Management team could have been more proactive, by staying within the boundaries of their specific job descriptions and fulfilling their specific roles accurately. Stress level was high within the management team, and should have been dealt with accordingly. 
February 10th
Rock and Roll @ pj's     menu 
Food Sales $584.60, 59 Guests
Being the first restaurant in the Tuesday lab section was nerve-racking because we weren't entirely sure what to expect. The first critical incident was the unfortunate timing of our event, everyone in our lab was really busy with midterms, and so were we. Therefore we didn't get as many people in to help us prep which meant prep was moving at a slower pace than we would have liked. It was especially difficult having only 2 of us receive the food when one of us had a midterm at 8:30am. We should have communicated better with the instructor so that we could have received food earlier in the morning to allow for this midterm. As well, our PO sheet had a few mistakes that weren't caught until prep day. Perhaps we could've reviewed the recipes and the PO sheet more. When it came time for our restaurant, the service went great but there were a couple things we could've done better. The FOH manager should have communicated better with the BOH manager after the last meals went out so that the kitchen could begin to prepare staff meal. As well, we could've worked on marketing more so that we had a better turn-out. We did market a fair amount, but everyone seemed to be busy with midterms which affected our guest count. If we were to do it again, we would start marketing earlier.
February 11th
The Shire @ pj's     menu 
Food Sales $680.16, 51 Guests
Making sure that the jobs were flexible was extremely important due to some items requiring more time than others. Also due to staff arriving at different times during the day. Having our signature items simple to prepare on the line helped reduce the amount of time and work for the line staff. Having a good team that is able to come early and work on their own with their job packs and minimal verbal instructions.
February 12th
Rockin Apres Ski @ pj's     menu 
Food Sales $813.18, 72 Guests
FOH manager needed to be more aware of the hold ups at the Hostess stand. There was no organization of coat hangers as hostess and manager were so focused on just getting everyone in the restaurant, however we should have planned to put everything in numerical order because when everyone left, it was nearly impossible to find coats without thoroughly going through the packed closet. Unfortunately, our bartender was not in full uniform so we lost a pair of hands to run hot food to the dining room which required more support from the rest of the FOH team and manager in an already small lab. We had good communication between KM, Expo and FOH Manager so this was executed well even with a short pair of hands. A couple of our tables were delayed in seating because guests were staying longer than expected and then flips had to be done right away. Delegation was required so instead of saying, FOH team, we need Table 14 flipped, we said “Johnny”, flip 14 now and with the direct instruction, we knew the job was being focused on instead of everyone thinking someone else would do it. With the Job Rotation strategically done to put strengths in both Kitchen and FOH, we were able to adjust very well and adapt with these incidents. Looking at BOH, two critical incidents affected BOH service. Firstly, the Peanut Butter Whipped Cream was quite overwhipped and had to be redone. The KM team got caught up with other preparation duties, and the whipped cream was neglected. During the last half hour of prep, the kitchen was slightly overwhelmed and could have done more prep tasks earlier. Poor time management resulted in the restaurant opening precisely at 11:30. The BOH team thought that a few items were more time sensitive when in reality they could have been prepare
February 12th
La Nuit (a fine dining event)       menu
Food Sales $1834, Alcohol Sales $642.50,  58 Guests
Our PO was an element that could have definitely been improved. There were many changes being made leading up to our restaurant, which resulted in us asking for a few last minute ingredients. Consulting with each otherr about changes that needed to be made and things that needed to be added before the day of our event could have also reduced tension while prepping for our event.  Nonetheless, some of the areas in which we believe we excelled in were communication among our management team as well was our staff, being organized with our to-do lists and timelines and including our whole management team into every step. Communication allowed us to easily transfer information between us as well as to our staff throughout the event. We feel our to-do lists and timeline for our schedules helped us with our organization during all prep days, as well as the day of our restaurant.  This allowed us to have jobs for everyone coming in to help and stay engaged throughout the event. Including our whole management team into all steps of prep allowed every management team member to be on the same page of all details of the restaurant. This also helped with us knowing our dishes very well as well as being able to answer any detailed answers our staff had about our dishes. 
February 24th
Street Style @ pj's    menu 
Food Sales $434.35, 41 Guests
Our organization during our restaurant was lacking causing our restaurant to suffer. We had too many papers around which made our prep confusing. We also weren’t checking up on the back of house staff to see if they were preparing their items correctly or if they needed help. Time management was an issue, which led to our hot line not being prepared in time for service. Furthermore, there was a lack of communication initially between the front and back of house, leading to customers being seated before the food and hot line were prepared.  However, as service progressed, communication improved helping service to run more smoothly. In addition, food costs were high as a result of: low guest count, having to throw away food that was burned or overcooked, and overuse of ingredients. A positive contributing factor was the generous amount of help we received during prep and receiving the day before our restaurant. Lastly, customer surveys indicated that even though there were issues in the kitchen, this did not compromise the service nor experience of the customers. 
February 25th
Pub Style @ pj's     menu 
Food Sales $522.57, 47 Guests
Organization was a key factor that we had done well in regards to all of the different steps required for preparing the individual menu items. A great amount of teamwork was also shown both the day before and day of our restaurant with many hands on deck. One large prep related mistake was that we messed up our Bailey’s ice cream, thus forcing us to have to redo the recipe. This was an unexpected increase in our food costs. Our biggest incident of the day was a poorly set up line because we failed to properly think it through. Signature items were not fully thought through so there were some last minute changes and frantic staff right before service. One of our signatures required a high degree of assembly when ordered, so we could have better planned out its preparation beforehand to minimize confusion and put less pressure on the line cook responsible for preparing it. Marketing would be another critical incident that we came across. Our guest count was a lot lower than we had hoped for (a big impact on our food costs), despite our marketing efforts. We found it difficult to market since the week prior to our event was reading week. We ended up really pushing our restaurant only days before it was going to run. We should have used the internet and social media to promote our restaurant during reading week more than we did. 
February 26th
Meanwhile, Back at Mama's @ pj's     menu 
Food Sales $909.42, 76 Guests 
The FOH Manager could have had a better understanding of the POS system and electronic payment terminals prior to training the servers. As a result, the Teaching Assistant was needed to go over some of the training material. During restaurant service, some members of the FOH team were unaware of some of the POS system functions, such as how to close tables that were completed, and needed assistance.Some of the later reservations had to wait briefly for their tables. This could have been prevented if the FOH Manager was working more closely with the Host and communicating more effectively with the rest of the FOH team about which tables were needed immediately. In the BOH, prep was well organized, but a few more items could have been prepared earlier. The morning of service, the mashed potatoes for one of the signature items took a lot longer than expected because the potatoes were not peeled the day before. This meant that the signature item was being portioned and finished after 11:15am, which was unexpected. There were multiple menu items and recipes that needed to be completed as close to service as possible. Most of these recipes included cooking time, meaning that the KM was juggling finishing them all in the oven around 11am. Because of this, the line was not being set up and the KM needed assistance. Lastly, the KM had not thought through the flow of food for the signature items in enough detail and was therefore not as prepared to train the BOH team on how the service of these items would work. This made the beginning of lunch service disorganized.
February 26th
Tout se Passe Bien Avec le Vin (a fine dining event)       menu
Food Sales $1784, Alcohol Sales $--,  58 Guests
The tart left the kitchen without microgreens. This happened because the expo wasn’t communicating properly with the kitchen manager and didn’t realize that she wasn’t quite ready. We didn’t add the microgreens to the tarts at all so atleast they all looked the same, but this a lost opportunity to showcase a local item, and the plating of the tart looked boring and colourless. We had an issue with the sorbet not freezing properly. However, we were able to manage it well with the help of two staff members. They came up with a solution and ran it by the managers to make sure that it still fit with the original idea of the item and effectively solved the problem. In the front of house, while training the staff there was some complication of the numbers on tables and how best the staff would be able to serve the table in synchronization. While practicing there was some friction between a staff member and the FOH manager as the staff member had a way she thought was best to serve the table and the FOH manager had a different way that she thought was best to serve the table. In the end, the FOH manager didn’t let it affect the restaurant, she worked with her staff to find a way that everyone was comfortable serving and practiced syncro service until it was perfect.
March 3rd
Taste of Asia @ pj's     menu 
Food Sales $878.34, 77 Guests
One of the main critical incidents that affected the running of our restaurant was organization. We should have been more aware of what our food inventory consisted of. Additionally, during receiving, the KM should have paid more attention to what was being received in order to inform the lab members how to label each item. For example, since the parsley was labeled as cilantro, there was confusion when preparing one of our dishes. The incorrect labels also caused the quesadillas to be made with Fontina cheese instead of Monterey Jack. Timing is key in running a restaurant, and this is an aspect that we could have improved on. We should have worked more efficiently on our prep day to ensure that the major recipes were completed ahead of time. We decided as a team that making the butter chicken the day before would compromise the quality of the meat. This proved to not be the best decision because on the day of the restaurant making the butter chicken created a lot of stress for our team and consumed most of our time. During service, the Hostess and the FM worked well together when the seating arrangement required adjustments. This occurred when certain parties had not finished eating, and the next reservation had arrived. They solved the issue in a timely manner and the guests were satisfied. In the kitchen, the Expo attentively followed the KM’s instruction. Everyone on the line stayed calm during the busy times of service as they were waiting for the KM to call out chits. They were also assisting other staff members with their menu items.
March 4th
Simply Summer @ pj's     menu 
Food Sales $800.44, 69 Guests
The floor layout was done on the day of the restaurant instead of the night before. If it was done ahead of time, there would have been more time for wait staff training. Also, it would have had reduced the stress on the Front of the House, rather than rushing to finish it while (potential) customers were watching. We were also missing info on the menu insert, This is a mistake that could have been completely avoided if the organization of the needed items for the day of the restaurant was done right. A lot of attention was focused too much on the preparation of the food, which resulted in mismanagement of the needed items. The prices and the nutritional information were missing which brought more stress to the wait staff. Had it been prevented, it would have been easier to sell the signature items of the day. 
March 5th
Underground Tavern @ pj's     menu 
Food Sales $945.38, 82 Guests
Although the high volume of customers positively impacted food and beverage sales, it also contributed to several key issues throughout service. In particular, 30 minutes into service, the KM encountered problems with the high volume and frequency of chits on order. The KM had difficulties grouping the orders, and failed to time items appropriately, resulting in food from the same table going out to the dining room at different times.  A lack of timely communication between the FOH and KM made service slightly problematic as well because the FOH was not promptly informed as to how many of each item were remaining. Although having a three-member management team appeared advantageous, we also ran into problems with communication between the KM and Expo. Unfortunately, as a result of such a small lab group and large volume of covers, we had to move our expo to the line during service; this made finding one “KM voice” difficult at times with both managers assuming the lead role on the hot line. Another critical incident to note during service was inadequate menu planning. For example, the flow of food for the signature beef dip sandwich was not well defined prior to service, which confused our line cook and hindered the efficiency of service. Additionally, the allocated single serving size for the roast beef was too low; having extra meat in the refrigerator unsliced after service for buyback, we could have planned portions more effectively, and used all the food we were given. As food cost was no longer an issue due to the high customer volume, making the decision to increase the portion size could have made for a more enjoyable PJ’s experience.
March 5th
Opa! (a fine dining event)       menu
Food Sales $2176, Alcohol Sales $665.25  68 Guests
We worked very closely as a team to ensure that our event would go as planned. We spent countless hours planning the flow of our day, going over every element in great detail. We believe this was the key to our success. However, there were things that we should have better prepared ourselves for. One of these was the portioning of our soup. We should have measured it out before service in order to establish an exact portion size for each person; because we did not do this, our soup portions were not uniform. Another was a lack of execution of appropriate modification for our guests with dietary concerns. Although we discussed alternatives to our menu before service, they were not well executed and some got lost in the fast-paced environment of the kitchen. We also had some last minute additions to our guest list, as well as a sudden need to rearrange the floor plan shortly before service. This made it more difficult for the FOH manager to communicate with her staff and the expo to identify guests with dietary concerns. We handled the situation as best we could, and tried to remain flexible and positive towards the changes. The last critical incidence we would like to reflect on is the positive atmosphere we worked very hard to create and maintain. It was important to us that our restaurant was a positive experience for our guests, our staff, and ourselves. We achieved with by communicating well, being flexible, and staying positive in the face of any setbacks. Overall, it was a really wonderful experience.
March 10th
Hunger Games  @ pj's     menu 
Food Sales $716.55, 63 Guests
Awareness is also a problem during the day our restaurant operating. Some FOH staffs only paid attention to what they need to do for their own sections; they did not realize that they also need to help others when they were busy. At this time, I communicated with them and let them know what they should do to assist others. As a BOH manager, I needed to be more aware of what was going on in terms of prep. There was an issue with the Russian dressing for our signature item that was caught just in time, but could have easily ruined our signature item. If I had been more aware it would not have been such a close call. Motivation was really necessary for our restaurant operation. We as managers needed to motivate our staffs to do things better and try to make them enthusiastic .Preparation was very good for our restaurant. Everything was prepared well before we opened. Every staff member worked extremely hard on the preparation and tried to make everything ready for service. We had 3 strong people to help us with receiving, and many people came in to prep on Monday and came in early Tuesday morning. This excellent effort from the class made Tuesday more organized and easy to stay on schedule. We were not rushed on Tuesday when getting ready for service at 11:30. 
March 11th
Escape to a Tropical Paradise @ pj's     menu 
Food Sales $740.38, 67 Guests 
One of the main challenges our team had was understanding when to start cooking one menu item relative to another when an order for different dishes came in at the same time. When the first rush came at 11:30, the KM called out for all the items on the chit to be prepared immediately, rather than just the dishes that were more time consuming. This resulted in finished plates waiting to go out for longer than they should have been, potentially compromising the quality of the food. This problem was compounded by the KM’s difficulty in finding her role on the line. However, the KM caught on quickly and by the time our largest seating came in at 12:00, the improvement was vast and obvious. The KM created a system of concise, clear communication with the line staff and separated herself from the role of the “expo.” The “expo” and the KM also had a strong and clear communication system back and forth that had orders going out at a much faster rate.  POS training was another area that could have been improved. During service, the servers had many questions that were not addressed during training and this impacted service by slowing it down a bit up front.  If we were to do it again, the FOH manager would have been more prepared and supervised the wait staff as they practiced using the POS system after the training.  Communication was one of our greatest strengths that contributed to the running of our restaurant.  Even though we had our own roles, we all worked together and understood each other’s roles and responsibilities.  During service, we had great communication between front and back which made the restaurant flow smoothly.  In addition, the ease of our items was important because they were quick to plate when orders came in.  We also used the same side dish for both signature dishes which made it easier on the line cooks and also decreased our prep time.  Finally, our overall organization was key to the success of our restaurant.  Each member of our team understood every aspect of our restaurant regardless of their position and this made our conferences, P.O. meeting, prep and restaurant days run smoothly and efficiently.  Having a successful restaurant due to our organization made all the time and effort worth it!
March 12th
Pj's in your Pj's @ pj's     menu 
Food Sales $781.99, 70 Guests
Every member of the team put in some extra effort to make up for the missing member and worked together to ensure a smooth service. We were effective in our use of our prepping timelines and ensured we completed as much prep work as we could on the day of receiving. Our menu items were quite time sensitive so the kitchen was fairly quiet until closer to the start of service. Tasks could have been delegated better by looking for new jobs to do like polishing/rolling cutlery during the wait. The health inspector arrived about 20 minutes before service and was around for the beginning of service. This may have caused some nerves to be present throughout the whole class but everyone still did an incredible job! However, our PO meeting did not go as smoothly as it could have because our KM failed to attend which placed a lot of stress on our FOH manager.
March 17th
Pot of Gold @ pj's     menu 
Food Sales $908.59, 85 Guests 
Firstly, it helped us on both our prep day and restaurant day that our PO was done well and accurately. No changes were needed prior to our restaurant day and we were able to prep all necessary items the day before because we received all the food we needed in appropriate quantities. Secondly, organization and communication was strong between the FOH and BOH. We were very organized as a group and had tasks ready to be assigned during prep day, prep before service, and clean up. As a result, we were prepared on time for service and the operation ran smoothly. Thirdly, we remained calm under stressful situations. The FOH and BOH were able to be coordinated and stay calm during orders from large groups (e.g. we had a group of 10 and a group of 15 places orders at the same time). We were able to be flexible in FOH when unexpected circumstances arose during turnarounds (e.g. guests unwilling to leave after getting bill). Another critical incidence is we had a different number of sides as chicken cordon bleu  (24 sides, 26 chicken breasts) due to extra chicken breasts being added to our PO on the day of receiving. We should have been more proactive in making two extra sides to bring our total number of chicken cordon bleu to 26. We did this during service but could have been more proactive and accounted for this in our prep, which would have made that particular point in service run more smoothly. Finally, our dessert was complimentary when a guest brought in a FoodBank donation so we knew ahead of time that we would be selling many. During the preparation on our restaurant day, we did not think ahead to make more dessert (cookies) or stretch the dessert to make more servings by cutting down the size of our cookies. As a result, our dessert sold out fairly early, and some guests weren’t able receive their complimentary dessert.
March 18th
Mum's Kitchen @ pj's     menu 
Food Sales $787.38, 74 Guests
We believe that we could have been much more organized during our preparation the day before our restaurant. Our PO was accurate and well structured, however we struggled with organization afterwards, as well as cleanliness. We believe that we got a bit overwhelmed with everything we had to do, and let that get in the way of keeping our station clean and tidy. However, after pulling ourselves together we were able to accomplish all of the tasks we wanted to in regards to preparation. We believe that we had great communication on the day of operations. KM and FM ensured to maintain communication in order for things to run smoothly. Another critical incident we would like to mention is we believe that the FM could have been a little bit more prepared in regards to training the wait staff, however, the training for the hostesses was executed effectively. We believe that our proactive approach helped us greatly on the day of operations. We had everything prepped and ready to go at the right times, including all garnishes and proper plates on the line. We decided to do a trial of one of our items, which turned out to be extremely crucial, as we were able to identify that there had been a mix up with the cheese, and we did not have the right kind. Because of this, the sandwiches were made without cheese but it was OK because cheese was not included on the menu description. The sandwiches sold well regardless of this incident. We believe that we maintained great enthusiasm and energy throughout service, which helped to keep everyone engaged. As managers we believed it was important to maintain a positive atmosphere throughout the execution of our operations, and we trust that this contributed greatly to the success of the day.  
March 19th
Throwback Thursdays @ pj's     menu 
Food Sales $800.63, 73 Guests 
Almost every member of the lab arrived to start preparation at 8am on Thursday morning, which was unexpected but appreciated.  With so many people to help the kitchen was ahead of schedule, which allowed for a more relaxed atmosphere from the start.  Due to all of the extra help the restaurant was ready to open early at 11:25am.  Although the KM came prepared with a detailed prep list and all of the recipes, he had difficulty delegating tasks and organizing what needed to be done without the use of this list.  The KM did not come to the restaurant with a true understanding of each individual recipe and the flow of food on the line, which made it difficult to train the line cooks for the menu items they had to prepare.  This could have been prevented had the KM thoroughly thought out and planned the flow of the food, specifically the signature items.  While the chicken salad was being prepared for the sandwiches it was discovered that too much chipotle pepper paste was added to the mayonnaise causing it to be extremely spicy and unservable.  Although both the KM and FM tasted the mayo before it was added to the chicken mixture, the fact that it was too spicy to serve was overlooked and the mayonnaise was used, resulting in the need to make new mayo and fix the chicken salad.  This meant that more ingredients were required and the preparation took extra time.  The FM and hostess maintained constant communication throughout service.  This communication meant that servers could be notified when they were being sat and any incoming tables could be switched around to accommodate for tables that were there longer so they did not feel rushed.  This rearranging of tables meant that no guest had to wait for a table and were sat as soon as they arrived.  Lastly, there was a point during service when a few large tables all wanted to pay their separate checks in a rush.  This meant that their server was frantically printing bills and taking payments and was having difficulty keeping up.  The FM did not check up on the server during this time to assist.  This added stress for the server could have been prevented had the FM checked up on her more regularly and offered assistance during this time.     
March 19th
Capo D'opera (a fine dining event)       menu
Food Sales $2034, Alcohol Sales $441.25  67 Guests
We were really prepared and had all our food prep done in advance. But the flip side of that was that by the name all the kitchen staff came in, there was not too much for them to do until service resulting in a small lull. However, this made the kitchen very stress free the whole night. Everyone was very familiar with the flow in the front and back that everyone did what they were supposed to do really well. One problem was that our sorbet initially was too strong so we had to add more syrup to balance out the taste. The biggest issue though was the sorbet was too frozen at first to be pacojet so it took some time and patience to get the sorbet to defrost and get into the right form. And at the end of the day, no complaints about the sorbet. The risotto was made to order which could have been an issue as risotto is very time sensitive. However, due to a great process and system in place to make it, we did it perfectly and guests were very happy with that dish.  One minor hiccup was that we did not inform Caitlyn that we paired Prosecco with the Antipasto on the menu so we were not prepared for the abundance of Prosecco orders for the evening. Caitlyn was nice enough to go out and buy a bottle of Prosecco before service, so that the incoming orders could be completed and enjoyed by the guests. Resulting in a better experience for our guests!
March 24th
Seinfelds @ pj's     menu 
Food Sales $224.45, 21 Guests
 A BOH critical incidence that transpired before service, and well into service was the KM did a poor job communicating with surrounding individuals resulting in an unorganized beginning to service. The KM’s inability to take a more vocal approach resulted in a confused BOH team and the inability to simply plate our signature menu items properly – which falls solely on the shoulders of the KM. If the dining area had been busier, this would have been an even more significant problem. A major critical incidence was that the copies of our Seinfeld menus printed didn’t showcase both pricing and nutritional information. While obviously being part of the assignment in terms of marks, this was also a major issue when it came to providing customers with the necessary information they need to make their decisions. This was also a problem when it came to providing our menu insert online. The pricing, which is much more unknown and thus, crucial to convey than the nutritional information caused little confusion but would have resulted in great inefficiencies had service been busier and wait staff not had time to properly answer all of the guests questions.  
March 25th
Farmhouse @ pj's     menu 
Food Sales $871.86, 78 Guests
Our group was aware that the general procedure for receiving was that one person marks down incoming inventory, while the other team member gathers the products. However; when it came time to our actual receiving, both Sage and Josephine were having difficulties navigating the back refrigerator and freezer. Weight and labelling each item was taking much more time than initially anticipated. Lauren helped her team by gathering various products. What could have been done differently was more effective communication among team members. One of the critical incidents Sage (FM) encountered was that the front of house team did not reset and turnover tables in time. The period between 12:30 to 1:00 was a big challenge for us because there were approximately eight tables finishing their meal and paying bills, at the same time new guests were arriving. Our servers had to focus on their guests so consequently the tables that were supposed to be flipped were reset slowly. At this time, our hosts did a really nice job. Rather than asking guests to wait while the planned table was being set, they actively made adjustments walking guests to another clean one. At 11:15 a.m. Caitlin and Lauren (KM) were completing a run through of the line to check that each item was in place and ready for service. During this time, Caitlin realized that the sweet potato curry sitting in the steam table was overcooked and was not servable to the guests.  Immediately I threw out the curry and asked the kitchen employees to work together to get the sweet potato curry remade immediately. Lauren was amazed by how the all the team members worked together without complaining or questions, but came together to make the menu item. This was indicative of how important it is to have a supportive team who is willing to support their manager and make service run smoothly. Reflecting back now, this situation could have been mitigated if Lauren were more aware of the progress of each dish. She was assigning individuals or teams of two to complete different tasks and she should have been paying closer attention to each member and supporting them if they were having trouble with the recipe. Lauren realized on the day of service that the peameal bacon that was ordered on the PO sheet was not enough. The peameal bacon was to be served on top of each slice of an English muffin for one of our featured dish Eggs Benedict. On the PO sheet, we were asked to purchase this meat by the kilogram, opposed to individual slices. Lauren weighted one slice of peameal bacon during conference two and used this measurement to estimate the approximate number of kilograms she would require during service. On the morning of receiving, Lauren took the meat and weighed it but did not check the number of slices. Before our service, we realized that the quantity of peameal bacon we had was not enough to make 22 servings of Egg Benedict. This situation was a reminder that our team, as a whole, should have been more proactive in foreseeing problems. 
March 31st
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The lab group was experienced because this was the eighth restaurant. We choose dishes that were easy for everyone to prepare and serve. Our prep day was well organized and we prepared many dishes well in advance, ensuring we would and did open the restaurant on time. The management team worked well together and generally communicated well between BOH and FOH. Our job packs incorporated knowledge from our group that was learned from the past eight labs that was passed on to those who had not yet done the duties given on our restaurant day.