U of G Grads Headed to Beijing Olympics

With the opening ceremonies for the Beijing 2022 Olympics in early February, the excitement is high for Cody Sorensen. But once the four-man bobsleigh competition begins to slide closer, Sorensen, 35, expects the stress to increase.    Sorensen is one of three University of Guelph graduates heading to these winter Olympics, which are being held Feb.

On the 50-year line

Stadium Homecoming

Stadium Holds Half-Century’s Worth of Gryphon, Alumni Pride and Loyalty For 50 years, the University of Guelph’s Alumni Stadium has been a beacon of pride and inspiration for the campus community and beyond. Since opening in October 1970, the stadium on the northeast corner of campus has served as a hub of athletic aspiration and

A pandemic year in HIGHLIGHTS

a roundup of the good and great you may have missed Sustainability earns U of G global gold Rating The University of Guelph earned a gold sustainability rating from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. The independent global organization recognized U of G in 2020 for its sustainability efforts across academics, operations,

U of G Grad Aims to Document Human Rights for Down Syndrome in Central Asia

Smiling woman with camera

Four years ago, U of G graduate and award-winning photojournalist Vanessa Tignanelli packed up her camera equipment and headed for West Africa on her inaugural volunteer assignment for Photographers Without Borders (PWB). In Gambia, she captured numerous photos of people for the Ageing with a Smile Initiative community foundation, which aims to draw attention to