Revealing True Self in Interviews Beneficial

While job candidates often view interviews as opportunities to sell themselves, a new University of Guelph study has found many applicants opt for being completely genuine rather than going over the top. Psychology professor Dr. Deborah Powell and PhD student Brooke Charbonneau in the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences led three studies that

Pets Ingesting More Cannabis Since Legalization in Canada

The legalization of cannabis has led to more toxicosis in pets, according to University of Guelph research published in PLOS ONE. Researchers surveyed more than 200 North American veterinarians, mostly Canadian, who self-reported over three months in 2021. Dogs were the animal most often ingesting cannabis. Cats, iguanas, ferrets, horses and cockatoos were all reported

Average Person Not Practising Mindfulness Properly

While mindfulness has become a popular way to reduce stress and maintain wellbeing, a new study involving a University of Guelph researcher has found people practise it incorrectly. Dr. Jamie Gruman, a professor in U of G’s Lang School of Business, says many people confuse the practice with passive acceptance of a problem. Published in

ImprovLab Opens for Performance, Research

This summer brings the opening of the ImprovLab on campus as the new home for improvised performances and research through U of G’s International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation (IICSI). The one-of-a-kind facility will enable researchers at U of G and collaborators in Canada and abroad to conduct practice-based studies of improvisational performance and

Sustainable Practices Good for Businesses During Economic Crises

Companies prioritizing sustainability are better positioned to survive during times of crisis and experience economic growth, new research from the University of Guelph has found. Researchers looked at sustainability performance during the COVID-19 pandemic and before and after the 2007-08 financial collapse. They found companies that invested in environmental, social and corporate governance during the

Learning Anatomy Through Virtual Reality

Veterinary students at the University of Guelph are now using a virtual reality (VR) simulation tool to help learn about dog and cow anatomy. The technology – believed to be the first use of VR for teaching anatomy at a Canadian veterinary college – allows students to move around virtually inside an animal’s body. Using

Indigenous Voices Needed in Climate Change Discussions

Dr. Ally Menzies studies climate change in Canada’s North. Climate change profoundly affects Indigenous peoples in Canada and abroad, but their concerns continue to gox unheard, according to a new University of Guelph study led by First Nations communities in Ontario. The study urges decision makers to include Indigenous knowledge and perspectives in discussions about

U of G researchers work to improve cancer treatments

cancer treatment

Cancer treatment may become more effective thanks to University of Guelph physicists who have developed an innovative way to accurately target radiation therapy. Radiation therapy aims beams of intense energy at a tumour to kill cancer cells. But if the ultranarrow beam is aimed inaccurately, it can hit healthy cells and “underdose” the target tumour. Led