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Student Mental Health Report: Community Capacity

The following recommendations focus on increasing community capacity to identify students in need and more effectively connect them with support.

For more details on these recommendations, read the full report.

Statuses: In-Progress, Completed, On-going.

20Review the “Protocol for Responding to Students at Risk” considering new evidence and practices to ensure a strengths-based approach to reducing stigma and supporting underserved students. 
21Support institution-wide mental well-being awareness by integrating education and training into onboarding for new employees. 
22Consider ways to incentivize and/or mandate mental health training and recertification for existing staff, faculty, and other key actors. 
23Assess mental health education and training, taking into consideration compassion and trauma-informed approaches. Ensure alignment with anti-racism, allyship, and cultural competence training to revitalize training for staff, faculty, and students. 
24Increase capacity, partnerships, and collaboration among faculty and staff to support students in the form of interdepartmental well-being events or committees. 
25Enhance pre-arrival programs and early alert processes, to create sustainable and embedded approaches to identify those in need and promote student success. 

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