Creative Writing Major

Creative Writing

Why Creative Writing?

In this program, you will learn how to craft stories, create characters, and connect emotionally with your readers. You’ll write fiction stories that take you to new worlds, heartfelt poetry that captures emotions, scripts for plays or shows that bring stories to life, and personal essays that share your unique experience.

You’ll also be part of our creative writing community. You can meet Canadian authors through Gryphons Read or share stories with inmates in the Walls to Bridges program.  

As you improve your writing skills, you’ll learn more about yourself. You’ll ask questions like: Who am I? What do I care about? Where do I want to go? What matters most to me? It’s a chance to explore and express yourself through writing, in all kinds of genres! 

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 Write about Big Ideas 

Get inspired to write about important topics like social justice and the environment. Use your voice to make a positive impact on society and help shape a better world for everyone.  

 Meet Famous Writers

Meet our amazing professors who are famous writers, playwrights, directors, and screenwriters, with decades of experience: 

  • Lawrence Hill (The Book of Negroes)
  • Catherine Bush (Blaze Island)
  • Judith Thompson (Watching Glory Die)

  Build Your Writing Skills

In class, you’ll explore two of your favourite types of writing, like stories or poetry. By the end, you’ll have a strong portfolio of your work. It’ll be perfect for applying to graduate programs or starting a career in writing! 

Laila Mugammar
Studying creative writing at the University of Guelph taught me the importance of storytelling, and bearing witness to the stories of others. I learned how to craft my own experiences and present them persuasively, write with intention, and build a world with my words. These are skills I carry with me everywhere I go.

Laila El Mugammar
Creative Writing


Regardless of your career path, the skills and experience derived from the Creative Writing program will prepare you for the future.  

You could become a published author, or dive into screenwriting by crafting scripts for the big screen or TV. There’s also journalism, where your knack for storytelling and research can shine in reporting news and features. Marketing and advertising firms seek writers to create compelling campaigns, while nonprofits and NGOs need writers to advocate for causes. Regardless, a creative writing degree opens doors to careers where your words can inspire, inform, and entertain audiences across industries. 

Graduates can go on to the Master of Fine Arts, Creative Writing (MFA).  

Here are just a few careers our graduates have successfully pursued: 

  • Playwright Novelist 

  • Book/content editor 

  • Poet 

  • Journalist 

  • Publisher 

  • And many more

Discover More Options

Students considering the Creative Writing program may also be interested in studying English, Theatre Studies, History, Psychology, Music and Studio Art, or other programs. 

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