Theatre Studies Major

Theatre Studies

What Is Theatre Studies?

The definition of ‘theatre’ has changed in many ways throughout history but, at its core, theatre is storytelling. Whether it is performed live on stage; sharing the same space and air as an audience; or digitally through an app or movie, we use theatre to share our experiences.


How Theatre and Technology Colide

Technology is part of everyday lives and allows us to access and explore new forms of visual and digital storytelling that live in real-time; from Tik Tok to audiobooks, film, YouTube, video games, virtual reality (VR), Netflix, and more.

Theatre Studies focuses on all forms of live and digital performance.


What You Will Learn

In this program, you’ll become a well-rounded theatre artist by learning about all the major elements of performance and use these skills to create your own work from scratch. These tools including:

  • Acting
  • Screenwriting
  • Directing
  • Digital media and marketing
  • Production (set construction, lighting, sound, projection)
  • Design (games, VR, costumes, makeup)
  • Creation (known as devising)
  • Fundraising

In every class, you’ll have the opportunity to do a performance in some way to build upon your skills as you move through the program.


Cap it Off: Develop Your Own Production

In the final semester of your degree, you will take the 4th year capstone course: Ensemble Project. In this course, you'll collaborate with your peers to create your own production using all the skills listed above. By the time you graduate, you'll have mounted your name in big shining lights and acquired a portfolio for your future career. 


Students in the Theatre Studies THST major at the University of Guelph might also be interested in studying English; Psychology; Bachelor of Arts & Sciences or other majors.

To see all courses offered in this degree, visit our 2023-2024 Academic Calendar.

Welcome to the Arts Research Centre (ARC)

Welcome to the Arts Research Centre (ARC) located in the MacKinnon Building. This state-of-the-art performing arts facility represents a $23 million renovation.

As a Theatre Studies student, this will be your home for the next four years! Many of your classes, rehearsals, and productions will take place in this building.

Make sure to visit to experience this performing arts facility for yourself.

Express Yourself Through Story and Performance

 Perform in State-of-the-Art Facilities

You will have access to our newly renovated, $23 million Arts Research Centre (ARC), which will be a community hub for theatre, performance, and music. These spaces include:

  • 120-seat blackbox theatre and 100-seat ImprovLab
  • Costume shop and set-design workshop
  • Teaching spaces for rehearsal and devising

 Learn from Leading Performers and Artists

You’ll learn from award-winning scholars and theatre experts! Due to our close proximity to the lively theatre scene in Stratford, you'll meet celebrated performers and practitioners who participate your lectures and productions.

 Join an Inclusive Community

We believe that performance, theatre, and digital storytelling all have the power to make a difference by sharing personal hardships, fighting for social justice, and connecting gender identities.

You will be a valued member of an inclusive community where we work together to create stories that have meaning in the world.  

What Can You Do with a Degree in Theatre Studies?

Theatre Studies graduates have special skills in storytelling alongside practical experience in production. They can apply their knowledge in almost every creative industry, in addition to managing teams due their experience in communication, project management, and team building.

Here are a few careers our graduates have successfully pursued:

  • Actor
  • Game designer
  • Drama teacher
  • Film/tv/theatre production
  • Digital marketer
  • Playwright
  • Costume designer

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